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Whether you are a Matilda Minion or just like her taste in things, this gift guide is for you. Well, technically, this guide can be for anyone; I wouldn't be surprised if you found something super cute.

Matilda has a pretty signature style and vibe, and it's universally loved. Between her perfect hair and amazing clothing line, she brings a lot to the it-girl table.

I wanted this list to reflect Matilda but also offer things she owns that you can buy to bring out your inner Matilda.

pink chunky plate

If you saw Matilda's TikTok, where she made a delicious-looking salad, then you probably noticed the super fun plate she was using. It looks similar to the one above since the same person makes them. The plate comes in a bunch of different colors and is definitely something to add to your Christmas list.

apple airpods max

We've all known about these headphones, I mean every it-girl has them. But in case you were wondering which color to get, you can match Matilda and get the silver ones!

rufus tee

This baby tee is so cute, especially for dog lovers. Pair it with some baggy jeans and an oversized blazer and people might just think you are Matilda (especially if you can master the hair).

butterfly hair clips

I love butterfly hair clips, especially for the Spring. I think they are so young and feminine and I especially love them on Matilda.

djerf avenue blazer

Matilda is always caught wearing an oversized blazer, so much so that she ended up designing the perfect one. It looks great with so many outfits and would be a great addition to any closet.

contax camera

I recently discovered this camera that Matilda has, and it is such a cute point-and-shoot if you don't already have one.

low baggy jeans

Matilda can always be seen wearing the perfect pair of baggy jeans, I personally love a good mom jean and think they can be so versatile. If you don't have these in your closet by now, what are you even doing?

fun mug

This mug is hand-painted by a small business owner and is to die for! The perfect gift to ask for and use every morning.

dyson airwrap

This is probably on everyone's Christmas list and I'm not surprised since it seems to be the secret to having perfect hair (aka Matilda's hair). I've only heard great things about and I've only seen even better results.

djerf avenue robe

So comfy. So cute. So Matilda.

the ouai matte pomade and styling cream

I just discovered that this is the product that Matilda uses to slick back her hair, and she says she loves it! So if you love to wear that it-girl slicked-back look, you need to try out this product.

rhode lip treatment

If you can get your hands on this as Matilda did, I would 100% recommend it.

striped bedding

Djerf Avenue sells the cutest bedding and it makes any room feel Matilda inspired.

emi jay hair clip

Every girl has to have a hair clip from Emi Jay. The designs they offer are just unmatched! Matilda loves them, Bella loves them, and Devon loves them. Notice a pattern here?

small sunnies

I found these sunglasses on Amazon and they look really similar to Matilda's vintage ones! Except these are $15 and still give the same vibe. A great gift to give or receive!

wildflower phone case

Matilda has a really big Wildflower case collection, but this is just the one I decided to include. You can also stalk her Instagram to find out some other cases shes used, any of them would be a great gift for a Matilda-inspired present.

vintage louis vuitton shoulder bag

Matilda has a huge bag collection, and all of them are to die for. But I've seen so many pictures of her wearing this one, so I knew this had to be the bag to get included. It's a vintage 2002 Louis Vuitton and such a great versatile bag. And the best part is, I'm pretty sure I found the exact one!

And that is my fun and colorful Matilda-inspired gift guide! Of course, anything from Djerf Avenue could be considered Matilda-inspired but she's also known for supporting small businesses and her friends, like Wildflower Cases and Emi Jay.

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