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@Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images

Jane Birkin: the forever french icon, the 60s and 70s style icon, and the inspiration behind the iconic Hermès Birkin. This British model/actress has the most beautifully curated style that is still a huge inspiration to so many people. Her outfits are effortless and casual with her white tee and blue jeans but she also pulls out a sexy sheer dress or mini skirt and wears it perfectly.

I'm obsessed with all of her outfits and the way she wears them. It's a great balance between confidence and subtleness, which is a must in my eyes when it comes to fashion.

She pulls from French and English fashion to create these country yet city style looks. Her outfits are great for a style steal because you can really make them your own or find pieces you like such as her wicker basket that she loved to carry with her or even just take inspiration from her gorgeous natural hair and makeup looks.

Yves LE ROUX/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

This is definitely one of my favorite looks ever. The dress is the cutest thing in the entire world and I'm always trying to look for a perfect match that I can get my hands on. I love the sheerness, I love the length, I love the long open sleeves, ugh it's just perfect in every way!

I'm also 100% for the way she styles it, the long necklace and the little heels are so effortless but still elevate the look. And I love that she has her iconic basket with her.

A Di Crollalanza/Shutterstock

Such a great look. You can never go wrong with a white tee and blue jeans (and a colorful shoe). I think the overflowing bag also adds character to the look and her updo adds a lived-in value, both are important when creating a simple and effortless look.

Gilbert TOURTE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

"I took off about 10 inches of metal from the bottom so you could see my shorts" -Jane.

I love this dress, the sheerness and details are 2die4 and she wears it so well. I'm always team sheer and Jane might have been too, I mean can you blame us?!

This is a great inspiration for your next going-out look, you just need a chainmail or a sheer dress (super short duh) and some tiny cute black shorts. I would pair this with some knee-high black boots and maybe a fur if it was cold outside.


I loooove this top. It's so cute and Reformation has a really similar one that I'm obsessed with because you can recreate this look with it (and it's just a stunner in general). So pair your feminine white top with blue jeans and a heeled sandal and you've got the perfect Jane look. Extra points if you match the iconic bangs.


Jane was the best at making her boyfriend her accessory, I love it. This is also a great summer look: a lacey feminine top that shows your stomach paired with white jeans and a small black belt.

jean-Louis Atlan

A slip dress is a closet must-have and honestly, you find the best ones thrifting. Or digging into your grandma's closet. Pair it with sleek boots or ballet flats, and maybe even a wicker basket if you are feeling it. I feel like a red headband could look cute too.

bertrand laforet getty images

A flowy mini dress and knee-high boots are always the perfect timeless summer look.

If there is one thing you can take from Jane it's that she's not afraid to mix and match. I think that's also another reason why having staple pieces in your closet is so important because you can always style them and always pull together a look that's yours.

A white long-sleeve and some super short denim shorts. Love it. I'd probably make this more my style by wearing ripped shorts and untucking the shirt, showing just enough skin between the bottom of your shirt and the top of the shorts.

But cotton in summer is always a must-have, Jane gets it.

So I think we all agree that tousled bangs, a Birkin or a basket, a short sheer mini dress, and a good pair of denim is all you need to pull off a perfect look.

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