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Kendall Jenner is constantly followed around for her off-duty looks, whether it be post pilates or pre lunch date, and I'm not going to lie I like a lot of her looks. However, not all of us were born into America's royal family and have the luxury to shop at the Row and Khaite for every outfit. But, we obviously still want to look cute and it never hurt to take inspo from someone and make it fit your needs.

In this article you will find how to recreate Kendall's looks all on Princess Polly. This way you can still look like a total it-girl without having to spend your entire paycheck on a sweater.


This first look is perfect for the pilates girls out there. You can take your workout set and make it chic so you can grab a smoothie post class. If you already have a black workout set all you need is this leather jacket, which you can find almost the exact same one below.


This is definitely I look you would catch me in. I love the minimal chicness yet it is still young and fun. I love flattering and simple outfits and the fact that you can recreate this whole look from one place is so convenient.


This outfit is exactly what I mean when I say staple pieces paired with a statement piece. It is still casual and effortless but these jeans brighten the look perfectly.


For your next rodeo or when you are feeling like a cowboy in the summer. This denim skirt is so cute and can be styled with a million different tops. And if you need some cowboy boots to go with this look, Princess Polly has you covered there too.

AbacaPress / SplashNews.com

I think I've worn this exact outfit so you know I mean it when I say I love it. Princess Polly didn't have an exact sweater like this, but I thought the blue one they had was fun and I'm obsessed with the shape. Oh and aren't these sunglasses so cute?

Splash News

This dress is so versatile because you can dress it up or down and it can be accessorized to fit anyone's style. I feel like tying some baby pink ribbons onto this bag would be so cute with this look. In fact, now I want to buy all three of these pieces just so I could do that. Take a picture on a digital camera and oh my god I want to be you.


A chic look that is kind of serving Matilda and I'm here for it! Also can we talk about the fact that Princess Polly literally had the exact pieces? Like this is pretty much a carbon copy so eat it up girls.

Getty Images

Another look that I would totally wear. Except I would switch out the trench for a leather motorcycle jacket. But this brown trench is pretty cute. Also I love the wash of these jeans and those boots are a must.

Getty Images

This look takes the cake. It's so chic and flattering and these pieces are a must have in your closet.

And that's all for now! Comment below any other girls whose style you would like to see recreated on a budget! Luv ya xx

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