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Fall is just around the corner, and we all can't wait. It's an amazing time of year filled with big knit sweaters, oversized trench coats, high black boots, and one of my favorite things in the world: pumpkin spice.

So normally, I would do my fall shopping once the season is here and I'm totally feeling all the vibes, but this year I had a new idea in mind.

I need to get some basics and essentials BEFORE fall.

I'm not talking about buying the perfect fall sweater right now; I'm talking about the items that you need early to set you up for the most seasonal fall ever.

For example, when Autumn comes, pumpkin spice lattes come right with it. And I, for one, absolutely adore pumpkin spice lattes. Like, I buy the creamers the second I can, and I drink them for as long as possible.

But what makes your pumpkin spice latte feel even more fall-like is a perfect fall mug to drink it in. See what I mean? This mug is a great purchase to grab before the season, so you are ready to enjoy this delicacy of a drink right when you can.

fall mugs

And for my girlies who drink iced coffee all year round (aka me), these are some iced coffee glasses that are still perfect for that iced PSL.

iced coffee glasses

I understand that the second cup also might be a lil cheesy, but it's a vibe, and it's more of an ironic thing. A very festive it girl, ya know?

new candles

You can never have too many candles, and it's time to start stocking up for the change of season. Because this is candle season. I also love the scents offered this time of year, so it is 100% the best time to buy candles. I think these are something you can get ahead of time because it's like you have backup and are ready to light them the second the weather drops.

I could honestly do an entire article on candles you need for fall because my list goes on and on.

Now I know I just said I wasn't going to talk about sweaters, and I'm not (kinda), but I don't think there is any harm in having one sweater ready for fall. Because one day, the weather will get cold, and it will be so exciting until you realize you don't have a super cute sweater to go out in because it's been all about summer fashion up until yesterday.

So feel free to choose one of these super simple but super chic sweaters to kick off your fall. These would look great, paired with some baggy blue jeans and your favorite sneakers (or Uggs once it really is fall), or a black mini skirt and knee-high black boots.

your first sweater of the season

I'm really into a more minimal it-girl look (my Pinterest @skyhaarsma really shows the vibe if you wanna see the vibe), and these sweaters fit this aesthetic perfectly.

Now this one is not necessary, but if you happened to be looking for a sign to purchase a new coffee machine, this is it. If I haven't talked about PSL enough in this article, let me just mention it one more time.

In order to have a great latte, you need a great machine.

I personally have this Nespresso machine, and my whole family is obsessed. We are probably the best customer at the Newport Beach Nespresso Boutique. I bet they have my name written down somewhere.

Not only does this machine make great coffee all year round, but they offer pumpkin spice coffee pods which are the greatest thing ever. Pair it with a splash of non dairy pumpkin spice creamer and you have fall in a mug. Or if you are feeling fancy, you can make my healthy vegan pumpkin cream cold brew. Stay tuned for the recipe coming this fall.

nespresso coffee machine

And there you have it. The perfect fall starter kit for before fall even starts.

I know we all can't wait for the season so make sure you are staying updated on TIGG, because there are so many it-girl fall articles to come.

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