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December 25th is around the corner, which means it's time to start shopping! But before you get those lists in, I wanted to add a few more items under the tree.

cos wool-blend coat

It's giving Olsen twins and I love it. Super chic and timelss and perfect for the winter. If you weren't able to steal a coat like this from your grandma, now you can find one here.

glossier you solid

Smell good all the time. This is the best item to find in your stocking and then keep in your purse for whenever you need a little touch up to keep you smelling good all day long.

marge sherwood leather bag

This is my favorite going out bag. It's edgy and cool but sleek and chic at the same time. Plus this shape elevates any basic look and it compliments your little black dress. And it's big enough to throw everything in it.

nars blush

The perfect shade for all year round. And it's a liquid blush so you will stay dewy and glazed.

how to glow 4 color led light therapy mask

Get great skin and be a total icon while doing so. Plus, it makes a great picture for your Instagram story to show everyone you are the it-girl 24/7.

eberjey pajama set

A cute and soft pajama set, the best combination. You will feel like your best self going to bed and waking up. You will feel so put together even if you just lay on your couch all day and watch Christmas movies (sounds like a great day to me). Oh, and feel free to throw in TIGG's fav hot chocolate recipe!

joah brown oversized jogger

Who doesn't need more sweatpants? These are super comfy and I love the shade they come in. Plus, if you are sick of the TNA joggers but still want sweats, these are perfect for you.

simon miller mini sasi bag

This is one of my current fav bags. The shape is perfcet, the color is perfect, and the size is perfect. It looks great with so many outfits and just by itself too.

tom ford candle

An iconic candle for an iconic girl. It's also a great gift to get someone else, or get two so it's a win win. Lighting this in your living room when guests come over is just such an it girl move. Or keep it in your bedroom to remind yourself how fabulous you are.

venezia small tray

This is such a cute addition to any room and it's super versatile, I mean it's literally just a tray. It adds a hint of color without overpowering the room. Personally, I'd either use it for jewlery or keys, but you could get creative and use it to hold you skincare or as a tray for your couch.

Make sure to read the first article on Christmas Wishlist Ideas if you haven't already to create the perfect list!

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