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Kitten heels and slingbacks are to the modern it-girl what Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo's were to Carrie Bradshaw. And it-girl game recognizes it-girl game. So whether you are a Charlottle or a Carrie or a Samantha or a Miranda, you can't argue the fact that Carrie knew how to put together and look, and we all want a pair or two of her shoes. But we also aren't women in our late 30s in New York City living in the time before Pinterest and Instagram. But despite our differences, we all love a vintage Prada kitten heel. I mean, even Bella Hadid got a new stylist to get her hands on some vintage pumps for the Cannes Film Festival.

You might be wondering, what is it that the modern-day it-girl is looking for in her heel? Well, let me tell you. It needs to have a pointed toe, it needs to be either a kitten heel, mule, or slingback, it needs to have some sort of extra detail, like a little stud or bow or cutout shape. And bonus points if it's vintage.

And I will say the thing about kitten heels and mules is they are basically sneakers - meaning they can be worn everywhere and with everything. You can dress them up or down, they look with day wear or night wear, whether it be blue jeans and a white tee or a slinky dress, they always eat. Also, they are quite nostalgic. I mean, don't they remind you of those little plastic princess heels we used to all wear everywhere, even though our moms told us our feet would hurt? Yeah, we knew then, and we know now that pain is temporary and fashion is forever (but hey, don't get me wrong, I do love a pair of Uggs).

So whether you prefer a slick black look (Miranda), chic white with a little black bow (Charlotte), leopard print (Samantha), or a suede pink kitten heel (Carrie), you'll find a shoe on this list.

On a side note, your next purchase definitely needs to be from this list. Let me tell you—I just bought some pink suede Tony Bianco mules, and they were my best purchase of the summer. I wear them 24/7 with all my different outfits for all my different occasions, and I couldn't recommend any new it-girl kitten heel more.

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