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Fall is upon us, and with that comes the start of our academic year. And my personal favorite way of getting through the tests and homework is treating it like a fashion show because whoever told you school is not a hair salon or a fashion show or whatever - was lying to you - because it is. And that doesn't mean coming to school in a gown every day unless that's your vibe, and in that case, you do you. But to me, it just means wearing something you and confident and comfortable in that shows off who you are. So in case you haven't used your brain all summer and feel like you totally forgot what to wear to school, here are some ideas for you. Let the back-to-school shopping begin.

Jeans - ZARA High-Waisted Full Length Jeans
Baby Tee - LISA SAYS GAH Alex Tee Clams
Sneakers - ADIDAS Samba OG Low Top Orange
Earrings - MEJURI Chunky Medium Hoops
Notepad - PAPIER Monogram Leather
Tee - REALISATION PAR Ziggy Stardust Tee
Boxer Shorts - PRINCESS POLLY Beach House Shorts Red/White
Gold Earrings - AUREUM COLLECTIVE Luxury Gold Earrings
Hair Perfume - DIPTYQUE Do Son Hair Mist
Cowboy Boots - TECOVAS Jamie
Black Sweater - REVOLVE Men's Mohair Sweater
Black Jeans - FRAME Le High 'N' Tight Straight Slit
Gold Watch - FOSSIL Raquel Gold Watch
Gold Bracelet - GORJANA Venice Mini Bracelet
White Sneakers - ADIDAS Samba White
Hoodie - ENTIRE STUDIOS Khaki Heavy Hoodie
Sweatpants - FREE CITY Purple Plant
White Baby Tee - REFORMATION Muse Tee
iPhone - APPLE iPhone 14 Max
Perfume - LE LABO Santal 33
Black Long Sleeve Shirt - MOTEL ROCKS Long Sleeve Crop Top
Jorts - LEVIS 501 Mid Thigh Shorts
Thin Black Belt - ANTHROPOLOGY Skinny Croc Belt
Loafers - COACH Leah Loafer
White Crew Socks - AERIE Crew Socks
Red Glossy Lip Tint - GLOSSIER Ultralip

Although there are only five lookbooks above, they really give you an idea of different styling ideas this year. You can also mix and match a lot of the looks, which is always convenient. For example, you could wear the black sweater with the purp,e sweatpants and the clam baby tee with jorts and so on. Another thing you could do is wear the same outfits above, just in different colors and variations. For example, you could look at the black sweater lookbook but instead wear a grey sweater and light blue jeans. So I hope you girls have a great school year and always stay smart and sexy. Stay tuned for more back-to-school articles!

  • Sky Haarsma

    Fashion blogs have always been my favorite thing to read, since like forever. I’m subscribed to all the magazines. My tabs are always full of articles about Bella Hadid or Kourtney Kardashian’s new matcha recipe. I eat that crap up. But I was always annoyed when I opened a fashion blog. Instead of getting the scoop on Devon Lee Carlson or the new SSENSE sale, it was some old person I never heard about or some crazy designer that only makes clothes for the elite.

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hello world!

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