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Many people have asked me about my skincare routine, so I figured out what better place to share it than TIGG.

It's been a work in progress but I've finally created a routine that I've sticked to for a while now. And while I might switch up my products every here and there, my routine usual revolves around the one I'm going to talk about today.

So let's just get right into it.



So in the morning, I actually don't wash my face. I simply rinse it with water, usually cold water but not for the skincare benefits just because I'm too impatient to wait for the water to heat up. Then I'll pat dry and spray my wash immediately with my rose water. For a refresher, I use this product on completely naked skin and throughout the day.

A dermatologist recommended the brand I use, and I love it. It's super moisturizing and locks in all the other products I will apply.

However, I do want to note that when I work out in the morning, I will wash my face after. This is usually about 5x per week, and it's on the weekends or off days that I will skip this cleanser.

Anyways, post-workout and pre-skincare, I love the Oat Cleansing Balm from The Inkey List.

I use this morning and night, so I will discuss it down there.


Keep in mind that my skincare routine is all about helping textured skin as well as moisturizing and hydrating. I also like products that brighten and give you a glow. But I think most of these products can be used by anyone.

I wanted to mention that because the toner I use is great for this, and it's the only toner I have repeatedly purchased.

Not only is it great for textured skin, but it helps with pores and redness. It's another product that I use twice a day.


Next are my serums, and I use a couple. These are the products that get switched around the most because I always like trying out new brands and finding what I like. However, I will say I do really like these products and I have repurchased them, which means a lot since I'm constantly trying new things.

The first serum I use is a Niacinamide serum from the Ordinary, and then I follow up with their Hyaluronic Acid as well. However the Hyaluronic Acid is a serum that I'm constantly switching in and out to find the best one, so I'm not totally loyal to the Ordinary for that one.

I also top those two serums off with a Vitamin-C serum, which is essential. There is a lot on the market, but I buy mine from Amazon for a super affordable price, and I love it.

An esthetician recommended it, and it really does brighten your skin and improve it as a whole.

The combo of these three products really improves every single aspect of my skin, and I love that. I feel super soft and moisturized and brightened after this routine.


Okay, here is where I'm giving you some options because I'm constantly switching between all these moisturizers, depending on what I'm feeling that day, what is right in front of me, or what I have more of.

However, I would suggest all three options depending on your budget. Because all these moisturizers are good, you can't go wrong. Actually, I take that back. I would recommend the first two more than the last one just because of product consistency.

The first one is from Drunk Elephant, and it's the whipped cream. It's a super nice lightweight moisturizer that leaves you hydrated but not greasy. And I feel the same way about my second option from First Aid Beuty. However, I do think the Drunk Elephant product is better for textured skin.

Lastly, I would suggest Nivea. But a very specific type. You have to get the German version because that one has the exact same ingredients as the moisturizer from Creme De La Mer. Except my cream is a million times cheaper.

But I will say it's thick and doesn't apply that nice to my skin, and often times the serum breaks it up, and it becomes thin. So, I'm not sure, but I still use it, and I like the result it gives. However, I don't think I would buy it again.


Lastly, you have to finish up with a sunscreen.

My go-to forever and ever is from Supergoop. I love all their products and I love their sunscreen.

I use the tinted version because it gives a glowy flawless finish and it's perfect because I don't wear foundation, so I still still get a nice tint.

But if you don't want a tinted sunscreen, I'd recommend their unseen version, which I will link below as well.

Both are great options that don't even feel or look like sunscreen. It's just a personal prefrence between the two.



This has been my go-to way of removing makeup since forever, and it will continue to be the only weigh. I don't use wipes or an actual "makeup remover" I just this specific micellar water. It works so well and doesn't damage your skin at all. And it honestly takes off my mascara better than most products. I also love it because it feels like a pre-cleanse.


Ok now let's get into detail about my cleanser. I always wash my face at night because I want to remove any excess dirt or oils that built up during my day. Plus it leaves my skin clean and ready for more products to futher improve my skin. I love the Oat Cleansing Balm because it's super gentle and really removes my excess sunscreen and mascara. But my favorite part is it doesn't leave your skin feeling dry. Whenever I used to wash my face, after I dried it it immediately felt dry and like I hadn't moisterized in years. Luckily, you don't feel like that at all with this product. In fact, you feel a little bit more moisterized in the end.


As I said before, I use Paula's Choice twice a day. I especially love using it at night because I don't use all my other serums that I mentioned earlier but I feel like with just this product and the next one I will share, the job gets done and I go to bed feeling amazing. And I wake up even better.


If you read my Drunk Elephant article you would know that this is my favorite product from them. Every single time I use it I wake up with the most amazing skin. And on top of that, it's a one and done type deal. At the end of the day I'm so tired so the fact that I only need this serum is amazing. If you want to read more about what this product does and why I love it so much, I would totally recommend checking out my Drunk Elephant review.


And lastly, I always need a lip product before I go to bed. And Aquaphor is my girl. I just bought this giant bottle and I'm obsesed and you need it to. That way you can constantly reapply and never run out. Plus, it really does moisturize your lips and they will never be chapped. I'm linking my giant one below, because who doesn't want a giant one?

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