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Kaia has such a distinct style that I had to talk about it.

It's super chic and classy yet young and effortless. It's also comfy and usually casual. She has so many staple pieces she always wears, and she quickly turns a day look into a night look by adding an oversized blazer.

She also seems to wear super affordable clothes and then chooses designer accessories. All her clothes are also simple and timeless and don't seem to feature many bright colors or patterns.

So let's dive into some of her looks.

Kaia and I are the same sometimes when it comes to our outfits. I mean, I own this exact look, and I've worn it when shopping at Whole Foods, so safe to say we are on the same page. The dark blue flowy sweats and cropped white tank capture that effortless Malibu feel. You've got the perfect look paired with my favorite sunglasses, Adidas, effortless hair, and Whole Foods bags. Plus, her whole outfit is all from Brandy Melville, so it's super affordable and accessible.

This look is an excellent example of how Kaia takes her comfy and casual style and dresses it up while still keeping true to her favorite looks. She's wearing another baby tee in a simple color, and she paired it with some low-slouchy trousers. So it's comfortable and effortless but still looks put together.

Kaia is constantly showing her killer legs in her post-pilates looks, and I've noticed a lot of her outfits are some variation of this look. You need a workout set from Alo; Kaia leans towards shorts in the summer and leggings in the winter. Then throw on a crewneck, hoodie, or fleece jacket and some socks and sneakers. But she leans toward Uggs in the fall and winter.

Vintage straight-leg denim, a Brandy Melville baby tee, and a shoulder bag are all you need to be serving Kaia Gerber. It's basic but in the best way possible. It's really casual, but I basically live in this look when I want to wear jeans. Just swap out the sneakers for Uggs or loafers and add a leather jacket or blazer, and boom, summer look turned fall.

Another example of Kaia's post-pilates look, but this time featuring her sexy sunglasses. I also lover this hair color on her and this messy ponytail look. She's wearing black leggins and a fleece crewneck, and of course a shoulder bag. Kaia is a great example of keeping up with trends but still keeping it classy and timeless and always staying true to her personal style.

Are we the same person? These Brandy Melville sweats, Adidas sambas, grey tee, Celine sunglasses, and green shoulder bag is totally something I'd wear. I love this look for a few reasons. One, it's comfortable and super casual. In fact, you could even consider it pajamas, but not, and here's why. She paired it with the current it-girl shoe to show she is up to date on trends and added that modern it-girl look. Then she paired it with designer shades and a sleek leather shoulder bag to dress the look up. Plus, she's walking her dog, so the whole look says, "I'm not trying because I'm taking my dog for a walk and I just wanted to wear sweats, but I accessorized with chic pieces to make the look presentable but still wholly effortless."

Kaia is the queen of summer dresses; in fact, it's one of my favorite things on her. She always makes them look so young and effortless but still classy and chic. I chose this look to talk about since it's her most recent outing in a dress. I love the added sweater and the gold detail on the bag. But anyone can recreate this. Just take your favorite dress at any length, and pair a navy blue or dark sweater on top. Not an oversized one. Then add some ballet flats, a black shoulder bag, and chic sunglasses to complete the look.

This look is another variation of the one we saw above, but I included it to show you how Kaia has a distinct personal style. It also shows that if you have a look that works for you, it isn't bad to stick with it. These high-waisted pants from Ochi accentuate her long legs, and the warm nude color allows her to pair them with this classy brown shoulder bag and white baby tee. She took mature and classy pants and made them young and effortless.

A great example of a fall workout look for Kaia. These short mini Uggs are her fav, and she is always seen wearing them out, especially post-pilates. This grey crewneck is from Set Active and is so cute and comfy. It's slouchy and has that oversized look without being annoyingly big. I also love the color scheme, and it works well. The cool-toned outfit with warm-toned accessories really works and is pleasing to the eye.

Another great Kaia look. She is wearing her staple vintage 501s and a simple Brandy Melville tank. Of course, her brown leather shoulder bag and favorite sunglasses complete this look. And I'm pretty sure she has some high-top Converse on here. This look is super easy to recreate unless it isn't your vibe, and then, in that case, be like Kaia and stick to you.

Lastly, I wanted to include an example of what Kaia would wear on a night out. To dress like her, wear either trousers or jeans then pair it with a simple baby tee and a neutral-colored oversized blazer or leather jacket. Of course, add a shoulder bag and the latest it-girl sneaker or some timeless black boots.

hello world!

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