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Whether you are travelling by car or plane or train for an hour or for ten, there are a few essentials every girl needs in her carry on. In addition to the obvious things like chargers and headphones, I added some more that you definitely need, and whether you already have something like it - these ones are just so amazing you need to try them out.

The Perfect Carry-On Bag

Having a good carry on is insanely essential. It has to be cute but also functional and not too big but not too small. It's like Goldilocks picking out her porridge all over again. Depending on where you are going, how you are getting there, etc, you might be looking for a very particular type of bag but these four options are pretty universal and get the job done in style.

Something Comfy & Cozy

Comfort should always come first when traveling, but that doesn't mean you can't still look cute. Whether you prefer a sweater, a hoodie, a crewneck, or something you can just throw over your shoulders like a kimono or a cardigan - they all work great. I personally love this flag sweater and blue crewneck, but I would pleasantly travel with any of these pieces I picked out. And honestly, in the last two seconds, my opinion has already changed, and now I'm feeling this grey hooded kimono or this dark hoodie. So just go with your style.

Sheet Masks

Who doesn't love to do a sheet mask on a plane? It's a fun way to stay moisterized and pass some time and its a quick and easy method. I like using one on the plane and then another once I get to my hotel. And when I'm traveling all I'm looking for is hydrating products, so these are my favorite trusty sheet masks that always leave my skin plump and glowy,

A Good Read

A good read is essential when it comes to traveling. You want a book that you can get trapped in and end up having no idea how much time passed. These are three suggestions for a new book but there are also tons of TIGG articles with more book suggestions if you want a longer list.

Moisturizing Lip Products

We should be keeping our lips moisterized at all times, but especially at times when the air is extra dry. On an airplane we are going to effiecncy and want to look for a product that stays on and seals in moisture, and isn't drying gup and drying up our lips. You can reach for a basic that you can just keep reapplying and not think twice like aquaphor, or something that's super glossy buy still hydrating like Kylie's butter balm. Or if you want to sleep it out, a lip mask, and lastly if you just want something delicious: this blueberry french toast lip treatment.

Other Essentials

On top of the other suggested pieces, these are a few more that think everyone should have in their bag. First up, a sleep mask. And not those lame thin ones that don't even do anything. I'm obsessed with this this mulberry one from Amazon because it blocks out all the light and feels so nice on your face, I take her everywhere with me. Then you need a notebook (and obviously some pens). When you are confined to sitting down with nothing but our thoughts, now is the time to write them down. Then some cleansing face wipes. These are great to use for before your sheet msak or if you had makeup on that day and now you are ready to take it off and sleep on a plane for ten hours. Or they are also great whenyou are waking up after being on a plane and need a little face refreshing. And lastly, a hair clip. Duh.

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