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Fall and winter are definitely the superior seasons. Sorry, not sorry. Now hear me out: in the summer, it’s so hot that I’m just trying to wear as little clothing as possible, so my outfits aren’t as cute, and then my day is ruined. Because yes, my outfit determines my mood. Duh. As you may or may not know, I am a die-hard mini skirt fan, and summer seems like it would be the season to live out my mini skirt dreams, WRONG. OK, wait, kind of wrong but also not really. Summer is the season for Blumarine, and after I saw their latest runway show, I really wanted it to be summer so I could strut around in those butterfly belts, flowy dresses, and glitter all over myself. 

But what I learned is fall doesn’t have to be brown clothing 24/7 or baggy jeans and boots. You can have color and live out your mini skirt dreams while still having our Rory Gilmore fall. I’ve created some BEAUTIFUL fall look books for you guys, many featuring mini skirts. So if you want to live like an it-girl and get some info on how to style your super cute mini skirt and more for the fall, go check those out. Because let me tell you, I am obsessed. 

Anyways, Heaven by Marc Jacobs just released a new collection, and I loved it. Their clothes are always at the back of my mind; I’m just not ready to hit “checkout” and have my bank account hate me. We are at a really good stage in our relationship right now. But listen up, fellow it-girls, if you are in the same boat as me, aka balling on a “sorta budget” but still have the mindset of Carrie Bradshaw, this site is for you! Because I believe clothes are investments and my source of joy and creativity, so every once and a while, I will drop some cash for that Heaven sweater, but I’m also fully capable of buying a cheap (but always stylish) pair of sunnies on Amazon. And until I.AM.GIA and Wildflower put me on their PR list; this is where I’ll be.

This wishlist of mine features aspects of the Devon Lee Carlson colorful clothing vibe but also keeps the changing season in mind and has clothes that are perfect for fall. Because YES, fall can feature colors. In fact, this winter will be a pink winter, and I know it. So I like to think of these clothes and accessories as the perfect transition from summer to fall, pulling pieces from both seasons but are totally wearable for this entire season. 

Without further ado, TIGG would like to present our, and soon to be your, FALL WISHLIST.

Wildflower Claudia Sulewski iPhone 11 Case – Wildflower Cases

For all my fellow dog moms, this is for you. I think any brown case is good for fall but I like this one because it has a bunch of colors, yet still keeps the warm tone “fall vibe.” Plus I’m literally so obsessed with my dog, Bean, that I want everyone to know her. This phone case is like those dog mom bumper stickers that your grandma has, but way cooler. 

High Platform Peep Toe Wedges - Black Vegan Suede

I’ve been wanting a pair of wedges like these forever but I haven’t been able to find a good pair until I found these. They look so cute and stylish and I believe platform shoes elevate any outfit. No pun intended. These go with anything and are a perfect shoe staple.

Delia's Corduroy Wide Leg Pants With Contrast Stitching - Blue

I love me a pair of baggy jeans and these look perfect for the upcoming seasons. You can pair them with a small white tank and baggy cardigan, or a tight long sleeve with the shoes I mentioned above. The opportunities are endless, in fact, I might have to make a Look Book with these jeans. BRB.

Delia's Denim Lace Up Twill Butterfly Belt Flare Jeans - Blue

Remember the Blumarine show I mentioned above… these jeans are totally giving those vibes and it makes my heart happy. I can totally see Paris Hilton slaying these jeans, but I can also see you strutting around in them in the fall. It’s giving Devon, it’s giving Bella, it’s giving EVERYTHING.

Delia's Graphic New York White Stitching Crop Tee - Red

Okay, Miss Delia, you are killing it. I can totally picture Bella Hadid with this crop tee and you know the moto, WBWT (would Bella wear this). Answer: yes.

Airbrush Butterflies Baby Tee

This shirt was inspired by Devon Lee Carlson’s Instagram post and I’m not mad about it. It’s giving more summer than fall, but with some brown jeans, boots, and a cute lil hat, it’s the perfect fall fit. I love airbrushed baby tee’s so this shirt is fulfilling my needs.

Lulees Jumper Green Pinky Promise

I love this. I want this. I need this. This sweater is the perfect example of a colorful fall. It’s comfy and cute and I’m obsessed. It’s the perfect fall sweater and the fact that its green and pink makes it even more fun. 

Women's Fluff Yeah Slide


Night Garden Wristlet Phone Strap – String Ting London

Honestly, I could buy every single String Ting out there, I’ve been a supporter since the very beginning, but this is the one I’ve currently had my eye on. I love the colors and I think it would compliment literally any phone case. You can’t go wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I love the heart ones, but they are getting a little old. Let’s switch it up, people, and these are the perfect beads to do so. 

L'eggs Women's Leggswear Silky Tights at Amazon Women's Clothing store

Perfect for every single mini skirt fit. This is what I’m talking about peeps, The second you throw these under a mini skirt it becomes a fall look. Pair with some boots and a sweater and ohmygod I love it. In fact, I made a Look Book with these exact tights so if ya want some more ideas just go check that out. Yerrr welcome.

Billie Biker Short - Saffron Logo Stack

See the Look Book for practically an essay on why I need these ASAP. Not kidding, go read it and tell me you aren’t sold. Emily Ratajowski, I’m accepting applications for the salesman. 

Rori Long Sleeve - Saffron Abstract 

See above!

Jordy / Tortoise / Yellow

DUH. I’m a die-hard Lexxola fan and basically want the Jordy’s in every color. But this is the color for fall. You literally cannot tell me you can’t throw these on any outfit and they wouldn’t look perfect. OK wait, take that back. You can’t tell me you can’t throw these on any Lily Rose-Depp inspired outfit and they wouldn’t elevate it to the max. That’s better. Ultimate fall sunnies. Mic drop.

Heart Scrawl Sweater

You know I had to throw in at least one Marc Jacobs sweater, I just couldn’t resist. This sweater is also featured on a fall lookbook and I love it. It may not fit everyone’s budget which I totally understand, hence the sweater I mentioned previously. But if you are ready to make the investment, do it in this. It’s not a cheesy logo, thankfully, and I love the warm colors. Talk about a fall sweater. Loves it.

Ty Cardigan

Everyone needs a cardigan for fall. And I was going to include another cute brown oversized one but I said no, let’s switch it up. So here is me doing the bare minimum to switch it up because a classic is a classic. You can wear this to Thanksgiving or to go buy every single pumpkin-flavored item Trader Joe has to offer. Accept I already did that before this cardigan even shipped. Don’t buy the pumpkin bagels.

Rima Pant -- Black

Switching it up a bit with these pants. It’s giving YSL girl and I’m obsessed. My alter ego would go crazy for these pants. Super hot, super chic. Thank you I.AM.GIA for not disappointing.

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