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This was a requested article, but also a very necessary one. Spring is officialy here and I'm so happy because it is my favorite season and I just love everything to do with spring. So many fun recipes, outfits, and of course bikinis. Whether you have a spring break trip coming up and need a new look, or just need a bikini for this season, this article has got you covered. Flattering floral pieces are all you need and now you will be able to find one within every budget.

spring swim under $20

toile de jouy bandeu - $15

This was the cutest bikini I could find for my girls looking for something under $20. I love a bandeu moment and this pattern just gives me the most baby spring vibes.

toile de jouy bottoms - $10

The details on the matching bottoms are so precious I can't even. The best part is it's literally $10, so the entire set is $25. Are you kidding me?! You couldn't even look at Frankie's for that price.

reformation floral bottoms - $18

These floral bottoms originally from Reformation are so cute and so perfect for my girls looking for quality but still want a deal. Plus it's double amazing for the planet because Reformation already practices sustainablity and these are second hand. Double trouble.

spring swim under $50

tularosa top - on sale for for $34

This is such a spring bikini, the floral patteren, and the ruffled shape is just so cute and girly and I love it. A picture in this shot on film and you have the most dreamy spring photo.

tularosa bottoms - on sale for $34

The matching bottoms to create the total spring look. The best part of it all is that it's on sale for only $34. Like talk about add to cart.

yellow bikini top - $38

The pastel color is perfect for spring and the little bow detail is just so cute. Plus I love how the cut isn't super boxy, it has more shape and gives you better tan lines.

high cut bottom - $30

Talk about a cute butt moment. The shape is flattering but they are also really comftable and they stay in place.

spring swim under $100

kaya set - $99

I love a simple look, and this is just the perfect bikini for me. It can be worn all year round, but I feel like it just gives spring vibes. Also, it's sold as a set which is always so nice when shopping for bikinis.

peoney bikini top - $95

The quality of the image is not there but the quality of the top is! This is one of my favorite shapes in a bikini top because the fit is just so flattering. Gives the girls a nice shape, ya know?

link pink ribbed triangle bikini top - $80

I love this shade of pink, especially for March. It's so baby and the vibes are perfect. The ribbing is a nice touch too because it adds something to the look while still keeping the simplicity. This is also one of my favorite bikini top cuts because of how flattering it is.

light pink ribbed string bikini bottoms - $80

The matching bottoms are so cute and still so flattering, and I love how these can be tied so you can make big bows that match the vibe of the baby pink.

spring swim over $100

gimiguas pantelleria set - $130

This Gimiguas bikini set is so fun for spring and summer, the colors are perfect, the shapes are so cute, and the fit is so flattering. Pair it with a gold belly chain and chunky gold jewlery and you have the perfect tropical spring break look.

frankies bikinis x sydney sweeney - $115

This top is from the latest Frankie drop, the collab with Sydney Sweeney, and the shape and fit is just so flattering.

rose bandeu top - $175

I thought I should add just one fun piece, and this is definitely the one. It's not a top for everyone, but if you were looking for more of a statement piece this spring, this is for you.

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