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The 2024 Met's theme was Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion, and the dress code was Garden of Time, so you know the girls needed to pull out some looks. I was hoping to see very romantic and feminine looks, with references to Sleeping Beauty and themes of that sort. And I will say some of the girls did just that. I mean, Elle Fanning showed up and was able to claim that she actually was Sleeping Beauty in a movie; she basically couldn't go wrong (and she did not). There was also Zendaya showing up not once, but twice, in two different looks and Kim Kardashian having like a negative three-inch waist. But I was happy to see where the archival pieces were pulled and modeled on the carpet and at the after-parties.

Kendall Jenner

in 1999 Givenchy

kendall jenner met gala 2024
met gala 2024

Kendall hit the carpet in this dark feminine look from Givenchy straight off the mannequin. She claimed that she was the first person ever to wear this vintage piece, but nobody even wore it on the runway. However, after making this announcement all night, some people went digging and found a photo of Winona Ryder in this dress for a photoshoot. So, was that a perfectly identical replica, or did the Jenner and Givenchy team not do their homework? Either way, she served a look, I mean look at that face and pose.

Emily Ratajkowski

in 2001 Atelier Versace

emily ratajkowski met gala 2024
met gala 2024

Another look that got some controversy because of Miss Emily's "repeatednesss." Apparently, she chooses the same shape and look every year for every carpet, and the girls want to see something outside of the box come from her. But I mean, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Emma Chamberlain

in 2003 Jean Paul Gaultier

emma chamberlain met gala 2024
met gala 2024

Dark angel princess of the night in the garden, everyone loved. Personally, I'm not loving the hairstyle but other than that, I gotta give it to her, tens all around. I love this dress, the sleeves, the makeup, and that gorgeous sheet cape. She absolutely destroyed this carpet and then turned it into a mini dress for her interviews, love her for that.

Iris Law

in 2002 Atelier Versace

iris law met gala 2024
met gala 2024

Our butterfly girl. I feel like Iris could have came as such a fairy princess with lots of draping and layers and pastel colors, but she went for a tighter and darker look, and she still looked good. It's an amazing dress and she chose the perfect eye makeup to go with it. My question is, is it a little plain for the Met?

Kendall Jenner

in 1997 Givenchy

kendall jenner met gala 2024 after party
met gala 2024

Whether you like Kendall's Met looks or not, there is never a question of whether her after-party look is going to serve or not. She is somehow always on theme and always in the cutest mini look, the true vibe of an afterparty. These angel-like wings are making me think of Romeo and Juliet, and then that makes me think of a Garden, so she and her team absolutely nailed it. And the fact that she pulled another look right after this? I mean, three looks in one night! That's our girl.

What did you girls think of this year's Met looks?

All photos from Getty

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