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Hailey is probably one of the most stunning people on the planet. Like is she even real?

Hailey wore the most gorgeous white gown which could honestly be my wedding dress and I wouldn't even be mad at it. She also brought her slick model-off-duty bun to the steps, and I'm wondering if Bella Hadid would do the same.

Hailey is definitely the queen of a simple Met dress, where she always looks so effortlessly elegant. People seem to always debate whether her looks are on theme or not, but I mean at this point, is anyone ever on theme? Although I do wonder if a slinky dress is enough for the Met? But at the same time I don't care because she looks hot and sexy and stunning and iconic. Slay!

Anyways, I love a paparazzi pic or a quick snap sometimes more than a professional photo, so here are some of Hailey on here way to the carpet:

Stay tuned for actual red carpet pics of Hailey, but you know I had to give you gals the inside scoop before anything! And I take that back because here she is!!! Drop-dead gorgeous per usual, so nothing new here.

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    Fashion blogs have always been my favorite thing to read, since like forever. I’m subscribed to all the magazines. My tabs are always full of articles about Bella Hadid or Kourtney Kardashian’s new matcha recipe. I eat that crap up. But I was always annoyed when I opened a fashion blog. Instead of getting the scoop on Devon Lee Carlson or the new SSENSE sale, it was some old person I never heard about or some crazy designer that only makes clothes for the elite.

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