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For the first official TIGG interview, I talked with Bella Lombardi about fashion, confidence, and so much more.

For those who don't know, Bella, @bella.lombardi on Instagram is a total fashion guru with her podcast, Bitchin With Bella, and killer photography account, Pix by Bellz. Her outfits are to die for, and she's always on top of the latest trends and hottest brands. I mean if you are looking for some new fashion inspo, look no further.

Bella and I were able to talk and create this written interview for you girls and I would love to see you hotties join the conversation in the comments. You can hear more of Bella talk on Spotify or Instagram, and you know where to find me.

Anyways, let's get into the deets.

how would you describe your personal style?

I would describe it as my own and curated to everything i love. I've always tried labeling my style but I like to have all my favorite styles/aesthetics all together in one.

how did you find your style?

It took years to figure out my personal style but currently its all of my past aesthetics put into one. I also think thrifting helped me find my style and inspired me to go outside my comfort zone experimenting with different clothing pieces.

who are your three biggest fashion icons?

90s/2000s it girls street style, Bratz dolls and me haha

what are your spring/summer closet must haves?

Definitely baggy low rise pants, the perfect baby tee, low rise pleated mini skirts, corset tops, baggy denim jackets, long denim skirts, bandanas, floral dainty tops, fit and flare mini dresses, baseball caps, light knit cropped cardigans.

you have the cutest clothes; where are your favorite places to shop?

thank you! ♡ and honestly thrift stores are my favorite places to shop. Depop, Poshmark, The RealReal are also amazing places to find stuff, i find myself preferring secondhand clothes because theyre so unique. As for non thrift stores I love Revolve, Princess Polly, Brandy Melville and I.AM.GIA.

any tips for the girls out there who are looking to take more pictures and grow their Instagram?

I say just go out and do it! Get yourself a camera stand with a phone attachment, find somewhere with good lighting and just start taking outfit pics, i've been trying to become an influencer since 2014 so it's definitely a lot of work and based off of luck but there will always be someone who loves your content so just go for it! It's a fun way to show and grow your creativity.

what are your favorite makeup products right now?

I love Charlotte Tilbury, their foundation and lip liner are my absolute favorites. Rare beauty blush is the best blush i've ever used. Glossier mascara is great and Makeup by Mario plumping lip serum is to die for.

how do you deal with online haters and not letting them get to you?

It's definitely tough ignoring all the comments i see about myself online especially when it's about my body because i've had insecurities and body dysmorphia for half my life but ive been on the internet for a while and spent all of high school getting bullied so ignoring the hate is something i had to learn. The secret to not letting people get to you is to think "Is this person important to me? Do they inspire me? Would i want to be them?" if the answer is no to those questions there's no reason to let them effect how you feel (:


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1 year ago

Love this! Please do more interviews!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Agnes
1 year ago

love the interview concept! i would love to see more of these <3

Last edited 1 year ago by valerie
Anine Bing - Enjoy Free Shipping and Exchanges on the ANINE BING Styles You Love. Shop Now!
hello world!

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