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The Olsen twins have a classic and timeless style that is always chic and always effortless. Some of you may like them from Full House, but the girls like them for their paparazzi pictures and contribution to one of fashion's greatest brands: The Row. If you are chic, you shop at the Row and order soy lattes from Starbucks. It's just the facts. If you aren't that chic but want to be, the Olsen twins are your girls to go to. So here's a breakdown.

olsen twins style
olsen twins outfit
Photo: Backgrid

Look 1

A beanie leaves behind its flannel hipster man aura and becomes chic when paired with chic designer sunglasses, and these tiny black shades are just that. Continue the incognito look with a big wool trench on top of baggy, lived-in blue jeans, and wait, what's that? Socks with sandals!

Look 2

These pieces are so simple but tailored and worn so well. And the Olsen twins are definitely pro-flip-flop, which I'm not mad about. I love the beachy hair and dark but natural makeup with the plain tee and blue jeans. I also love the black blazer paired with a darker eyeliner. I would totally recreate both of these looks.

olsen twins style

Look 3

Airport looks should always prioritize comfort and easiness. Mary-Kate knows that an oversized vintage tee with some black trousers and flat mules. And you always need a big bag and a piece for warmth; now we can try reaching for a big, comfy scarf.

olsen twins
olsen twins style
olsen twins outfits
Photo: Backgrid

Look 4

This will definitely be one of my go-to looks this winter. I can confidently say that fur coats over pajamas will be all over the streets of NYC this season and all the cool girls will be partaking in this sleepy debonair look. Yet it seems to be, whatever the cool girls are doing - the Olsen twins have already done it.

olsen twin style
olsen twin outfits
fur coat

Look 5

Boho chic has matured, and she aged well. The messy locks, the long-sleeved drapey maxi dress, and the flip-flops yet again are all part of the Olsen boho style. And the big black bag and brown shades aren't the only accessories, a drink in hand and a dark blue notebook must be carried - it adds to the look. Oh, and don't forget that the red nail polish on your toes is essential.

olsen twin style
mary kate olsen style
ashley olsen style

Look 6

An all-black look is always the right choice, and so is the pairing of an oversized piece with a tighter one. You can make this look more from today's page by wearing a straight-leg or baggy jean, or you can embrace tradition and bring out the skinny jeans. The choice is yours. However, when it comes to those pumps, I'm going to choose a shoe from this season.

olsen twin style
olsen twin outfit

Look 7

If I could think of one photo, one vibe, or one look when it came to the Olsen twins, I would think of this image The natural hair, the sunglasses, the cigarettes, the black coats, the boots... this is everything to me.

olsen twins

And after psychoanalyzing the Olsen twins' style for the past 48 hours, here's my takeaway:

  1. Oversized clothes with shape.
  2. A Starbucks latte is the ultimate accessory.
  3. When in doubt, wear a long coat.
  4. Always reach for a big black bag that's held in your elbow.
  5. Sunglasses no matter what, when, or where.

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