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Summer is right around the corner and having the hottest bikini collection is a priority.

I mean, I'm all for repeating outfits, but when I'm spending a week in Mexico, I better have a million bikinis on hand. Plus, I'm not posting on Instagram in the same bikini twice a row; like are you new here?

Building a Bikini Collection

But building a bikini collection is not for the faint of heart.

Who is the best brand? What's the hottest trend? What bikini is she wearing? Is this shape flattering?

So many questions and not enough answers. But if I have learned anything, it's that Bella Hadid knows what she is doing, and she doesn't mess around when it comes to bikinis.

I, for one, have basically every single vacation pic of Bella Hadid saved to my Pinterest board, and I know you do too. She is the queen of island vacations, and her bikinis never disappoint. She has quite the collection, and I made it my job to discover where all her super cute suits are from, so you, too can strut around on your tropical vacation knowing you aced it in the bikini department.

Here are the things with bikinis: they need to be flattering and basic, but not too basic.

And you need a mix -- some for tanning, some for swimming, some for practicality, and some for hot Instagram pics. So you can understand why a variety of kinis is essential.

Keep in mind that not every bikini I feature is my favorite, and a list of my overall favorite bikinis you need this summer will come soon. But right now, I'm hooking you up with wear the supermodel gets all her attire for her killer beach trips.

I figure we would start off with:

Bella Hadid's iconic Miami trips where she just looks perfect 24/7.


This bikini is from Shop Gonza, and it looks so flattering.

NOTE: Links to all the Bikinis are at the end of the article.

Oh, and by the way, the links for everything are at the bottom of the page, just scroll down after the article and click on the bikini you have your eyes on!

Another classic Miami trip, except this time Bella wore a colorful bikini from Melissa Simone Swim.


And let me just tell you now, I think like half of Bella's bikinis are from Melissa Simone. After all my research, every other bikini went to Melissa. Which I love because their bikinis are cute, affordable, and Bella-approved. So if you are looking for a site where you can scroll and know it's supermodel approved: you now know where to go.

Oh, and speaking of Miami, let's talk about the iconic swimsuit from when Bella and Kendall Jenner were looking drop-dead gorgeous and the pictures were on everyone's Pinterest boards.


The black bikini that took all model-off-duty lovers by storm - also from Melissa Simone.

I think Bella looks stunning, but sometimes I have to ask myself, "Is this bikini cute or is it only cute on Bella?"

I mean, it's def cute, but Bella can make everything look good, so I always have to double-check. I do love the shape of the bottoms, though.

And on that note, let's bring it back to her super cute birthday island birthday party.


Super Cute and Trendy Summer Bikinis

She looked so cute and was definitely just living her best supermodel life with all her besties.

Plus, the content we got from her and Devon Lee Carlson was the cutest ever.

And it is no surprise that Bella loves a colorful bikini and isn't afraid of a funky print. I mean, if I could also buy all the bikinis in the world, I probably wouldn't be afraid of a funky print either.

And both of those first two bikinis are from, you guessed it, Melissa Simone.

But what is even more exciting is the fact that the white bikini you see above is sold as a set for the price of what you would normally pay for just the top. Like, how amazing is that?

The Best Bikini Companies

I love bikini companies selling pieces as a set that is not completely overpriced. Like nobody has ever explained to me why bikinis cost this much?!

Oh, and we love when supermodels support other supermodels, so both of the bikinis below are from Emily Ratajkowski's bikini line, Inamorata.

Emily Ratajkowski's bikini brand: Inamorata


And let's bring it back to a classic shape for a sec since you can't go wrong with a simple one-color, flattering shape.


This brown bikini from when Bella was in Mykonos is so cute and from Matteau. What I love even more is this red look below from Basic Swim. It looks so flattering and is the perfect shade of red that will look good on everyone's skin tone.


Ugh, isn't she literally perfect?

And contrary to these simple bikinis, Bella has also been seen spicing it up. And being the Instagram queen she is, her posts were practically free ads for these next two bikinis. However, just a disclaimer, this next red one isn't as affordable as the ones I showed earlier.


This bikini is absolutely gorgeous, and each piece of the set is around $230; yikes. But if you are still interested, it's from Dilara Findikoglu, and remember, all the links to the exact pieces are below.

And speaking of Bella looking like a million dollars...


The top and skirt are both from PRISCAVera, and while the top comes out to around $100, the skirt is more like $300. So maybe get the top and hit the thrift for a similar mesh skirt.

Now, let me just start by saying if I noticed any trend with Bella's swimsuits, she loves animal prints. Specifically a leopard or cheetah vibe. And Bella owns like a million of what is almost the same bikini, but I don't blame her. She has some from VDM the Label, Swim CO, and Melissa Simone. However, this specific one below is from Reinaolga Beachwear, and not only is it one of my favs, but it is also sold as a set!


And I know we have seen a lot of Bella in two pieces, but she also occasionally struts her stuff in a one-piece and still looks just as hot. And you already know where both these one-pieces are from, LOL (unless you haven't caught on yet, and in that case, they are from Melissa Simone).


Bella and Melissa need to do a bikini collab ASAP. Or maybe not, because I think I would spend every last penny on it.

And if you are looking for the perfect spring/floral bikini, I love this one that Bella wore from Heavy Manners. Also, it's literally called the "you can get pregnant from kissing" bikini. Slay.


Every time I see a picture of her, I still get amazed by how perfect she is.

And I figured I would end this article (for now) on a full-circle moment.


Where Does Bella Hadid Get Her Bikinis From?

Because both this bikini and the bikini in the cover image are from Sommer Swim! Same top and bottoms, just a different color.

That's all I got for now, folks, but who knows, maybe I'll end up updating this every time Bella stuns us all in her latest bikini because her collection is getting bigger each day, and we all need to keep up.

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