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Carolyn was the girl of all girls. We all did and do still want to be her. And most of us can only dream of emulating her lifestyle, I mean, our girl was hooked up. Not only was she living it up in NYC as a Calvin Klein publicist, she was doing it in style. The iconic headband, the 90s sunglasses, the flattering jeans, the effortless glam, the list goes on and on.

Carolyn's outfits go down in history as classic, timeless pieces. Look at us still taking inspiration from her 25 years later.

Her style could be classified as minimal and simple, and very classy 90s if you will. And her accessories were never over the top or extremely bedazzling; they still sat in the simple section. But they sat elegantly. Front row. Not asking for attention, yet receiving so much.

Now, Carolyn was the it-girl all year round; she was America's Princess Diana, if you will. Both of them being the people's princesses. But today, we aren't walking around the Kensington Palace; today, we're looking in Tribeca.

The real moral of the story isn't that Carolyn wasn't just the NYC it girl or the Greenwich, Connecticut it girl; she was the fall it-girl.

If you don't look at this look and go, "Yep, I get it. I totally agree 100%," then walk away. Turn around, walk away, and come back. And keep doing it until you get it. The simple base of a white tee and blue jeans is always a staple, but Carolyn chooses such flattering pieces - nothing too oversized and nothing too tight. The accessories are where the fall energy shines. These boots are gorgeous, and who doesn't look a boot for fall? Her classic accessories are perfect, and this jacket has such a balance between fancy and casual. It's an effortless throw-on jacket, which you know I love, and the fur gives it that fall chichi.

When it comes to fall styling, I tend to reach for simple and dark colors. I stay in the blacks and browns and greys and dark blues. With the occasional pop of red, although I'm more of a red-at-winter-time type of gal. All of that probably being the reason I love these looks so much.

But I think Carolyn is so idolized for her fall fashion because it isn't performative. There is a fine line between never going outside the box with your looks and staying true to your personal style. Oftentimes, we get that confused. We think, "oh, well, if my style is simple black and white pieces, then I can't buy a pink jacket." But that's staying inside the box. Because you can find a pink jacket that fits within your personal style, and you'll know you found it once you find it. Confusing, I know, but it takes practice. And it's something that Carolyn was really good at. She knew what she liked and what looked good on her, and she never made it look like she put much effort into her outfits - hence the effortlessness.

This all-black look with a pop of red is perfect for this fall season since, like I said, red is the color. And you can never go wrong with a simple black dress. I would probably add some earrings and maybe a necklace. Carolyn is wearing heels but if you wanted to make this look more current, you could go for a ballet flat or a flat Mary Jane, and if you wanted to keep Carolyn's vibe, you could go for simple black boots.

Or bring in some loafers, like the photo above. And by the way, doesn't this image just scream fall? The warmth, the brown pants, the turtleneck, I'm obsessed. This is what I mean when I say fall it girl! I defienlty have to recreate this look and I definitely need to get my hands on some shoes like that.

Speaking of the iconic duo, Sporty and Rich recreated some of these looks and photos between JFK and Carolyn - and you have to check them out if you haven't seen them. The energy of the original duo is unmatched, but the vibes are there.

But the chic vibes are here:

For my girls who want to dress up and feel professional but still stylish, this is a look to recreate.

I've also noticed a pattern of bootcut jeans with her, and although I personally reach for a straight leg in the fall and winter, I might just have to try one bootcut look in her honor.

And if you girls know me, you know I've recently been obsessed with trench coats, and Carolyn has only encouraged that obsession.

Although she styles hers over an actual outfit whereas I prefer to style mine over pajamas. I call it balance.

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