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I am a proud Acne Studios supporter. I love their work and I really loved their latest fashion show for Spring/Summer 2023. So of course, being in NYC I knew I had to drop by and check out what’s in store, because I only in person shop if it’s the streets of SOHO.

Anyways, I dropped by the store located on THIS STREET and immediately started running around like a child in a candy shop. Because let’s be real, throw me in a designer store and I’ll put that little candy kid to shame.

For those who don’t really know Acne or they are just familiar with the name or maybe they really like Acne but don’t know what they should buy from there, let me give you the run down.

Yes, they offer great skirts and tops and pants and all that jazz but all you need from Acne Studios are the coats and scarfs. 

Those are always their best and my favorite pieces, and they never disappoint. 

I mean yes, after their latest pink and frilly show they might offer some killer spring pieces that I haven’t dug into yet, but right now all I ever want from Acne is the jackets and the scarves.

I am a big coat girl (which is sad saying that I live in California and need a coat about once maybe twice a year) but I have high expectations for coats and I could look at them all day.

That being sad, if you were to ask me, “Sky who sells your favorite coats?” I would totally respond with Acne Studios.

Being an avid online shopper I wanted to go in person to really get a feel of the coats. I wanted to see the texture, the weight, the stitching, the buttons. I just really wanted to inspect the coats and get a great feeling for them, that way I can confirm my opinion that they make the best ones.

And now you never have to check in store because I am telling you, they do. It’s all really quality pieces and great designs. I love the leather with the silver zippers or the thick fur pieces or even the tweed (and I am not a tweed girl).

However, there is a downside to my love for coats and my love for Acne Studios. And it’s the fact that it’s a crazy expensive addiction.

I am all for investing in quality pieces and just buying one really great piece rather than ten ok ones. However, I want a leather jacket and a nice thin cardigan and a trench coat and a fur coat and a different coat for all the different occasions. Because yes you can have just one versatile coat but I think having around 5, more or less, is a great option.

But when you want a great coat from a great place (in this case its Acne) it comes with a really fat price tag.

And the truth is, we can’t also invest in that price tag. It is not always reasonable or functional and sometimes it just isn’t the best idea. Me for example, I wanted to pick up this killer leather motorcycle jacket from here, but I knew soon I be flying back to beaches and 90 degree weather, so I had to hold back my tears and say no to the coat. 

And it’s situations like this where sometimes we need to reach for the more affordable piece. I mean I shouldn’t read for any piece at all, but maybe you really do need two coats but they can’t both be $5,000.

It’s moments like this where having stores like Aritzia and Reformation come in handy.

Or even Coach to be honest. I know I am going a little off track here, but Coach also offers really amazing and killer gorgeous coats, for a much more affordable price. I mean, it isn’t like totally always affordable but it is cheaper than Acne.

I was also just shopping in Coach and they had this gorgeous beige fur trimmed coat that was perfect for fall and winter, but what really caught eye was this thick and heavy black fur trimmed leather jacket that zipped up and was so gorgeous and warm and not overly priced. In fact, if I was living in NYC or somewhere where the weather actually gets cold, I think I would have bought it.

Moral of the story is you aren’t alone. We both adore these it girl coats, but it is also super understandable if they aren’t always in the budget and you can still look like an it girl and not drop 10k on a coat. 

One of you just asked me how to budget for college and you can tell that I don’t have the best advice when it comes to that because I am an enabler when it comes to dropping cash on designer, but I still do my best to keep it real and keep it realistic and show us that there are a lot of it girl clothes and brands out there that you can still shop from and not be totally broke (Acne Studios is not one of them).

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