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With Halloween literally right around the corner, it's time to choose a costume. But it isn't an easy decision determining what to be, because a lot of factors come into play. And it also demends on where you're going. But no matter what, you obviously have to be the it girl at the Halloween party. So to take so stress away, I've put together the cutest Halloween looks for you. Honestly, I love them all that I just want to wear them all, I need a Halloween week this year. And it is all from Amazon so it is all affordable and all from one place. Oh, and don't forget to tag @theitgirlguideofficial in your Instagram post so I can see it!!!


Starting of strong, I love this look. It's so cute and so flattering and simple yet very put together. Plus, you can either get the whole look right here or find similar pieces that you already own in your closet.


Another one of my favs. So cute and the blood def gives it that Halloween feel, which I am all for. I love when the look is a balance of scary and cute.Like not too Cady but not too Regina.



A classic look. Plus a great moment to get dress up with your bestie, one of you will be the white swan and the other one will be the black swan.



Another great bestie moment, or a solo moment. I love this look because it is a total it-girl move and super original. You will def be setting the trends.


The other half from above. Or you could just steal this look and call it a sexy farmer. Splash some fake blood on and boom, sexy, scary, and total it-girl.


I don't even have words on how much I love this look. Like, you would win Halloween 100%.



A classic. Here is what you need.



I love this fairy look for multiple reasons. First, it is super cute, like the perfect fairy look in my humble opinon. Second, I love that it is monochromatic. Third, the wings are the perfect size so they are super cute and add to the outfit, but they aren't so big that everyone would be hitting them.


Such a flattering look, you can't go wrong. Also a great last minute look because you could use a black dress you already own!


And there you have it. Now I can confidently say that the TIGG girls will rule this Halloween.

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