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Zoe Cowlishaw

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The year has barely begun, and already we are beginning to see hints of emerging fashion trends and aesthetics. From “Mob Wife” to “Messy Girl”, are these “trends” truly here to stay, or simply a passing craze? Using Google Search Analytics, I unpack which fashion themes are setting the scene based off search popularity.

Hot Right Now:

Mob Wife Aesthetic

An unexpected addition to 2024’s lineup, this trend lends homage to classic movies such as “The Sopranos” and “The Godfather”. Think sultry silhouettes, bold jewelry and emphasis on reds and blacks. Textiles such as fur are making a strong resurgence, and ballet flats are being quickly swapped for boots and heels. 

The mob wife girly is unbothered. She does what she wants and looks cool doing it, and accepts that messiness is not the enemy! 

Quiet Luxury

Despite Mob Wife content ruling our feeds, quiet luxury is here to stay. A focus on understated designer fashion underpins this, with a focus on staple pieces like the straight jean, blazer, and tailored pieces.

Practical Bags

Bags with space, durability and style are the vogue for this year. Brands such as The Row and Longchamp have been on a steady search incline, as a result of their simple styles and space for all of life’s items.

Hair Bows

Inspired by the coquette aesthetic, the elegance of hair bows and ribbons is sticking around. Incorporated into more mature styles or embracing more juvenile looks, these accessories will elevate your look! 

Cherry Red

This beautiful red started emerging in early December of last year, and I am here for it! Cherry Red accents are appearing everywhere, and really helps to add a pop of color to neutral outfit palettes. IMO, this shade works particularly well with cream and slate grey.

Happy styling it girls! 

Zo xo

  • Zoe Cowlishaw

    Hey lovelies! I'm Zoe and I am a lover of all things fashion, beauty, and wellness. I love my morning pilates class, Vogue Beauty Secrets, and of course sharing my passions with the world.

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