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Ah, winter in New York City, the snow, the garbage, the warm tea, and the big black puffer jacket. Some people use a groundhog to tell the change in seasons; I use a coat hanger. Once I see the streets of New York looking like Aritzia snowmen walking around, I put my tree up. Now that you understand the importance of this closet staple, you might be freaking out if you don't own one or want something a little more stylish than your old Under Armour one that you stole from your little brother. But, listen, the little black dress is now the big black puffer. I have put together a list of my favorite and most stylish ones, so you can strut around looking like Kendall Jenner rather than looking like this jacket was a last-minute option.

Super World™️ THE SUPER PUFF™

First up, we gotta keep it OG. If there are too many options and you just want to know which one is classic yet still stylish and trendy, this is for you. It's not the most original idea, but that's not a bad thing! In fact, I would suggest this as a starter for anyone looking for their first puffer, it says I have a sense of style, but I like to keep it simple. In fact, it's so iconic that Aritzia's website has its own section for the SuperPuff; I mean, no shame, I'm literally writing a whole article on it.


Now, this jacket I actually prefer more than the original one above, just because of the length. This little bit of crop makes it look more fitted and super great if you have long legs. However, I think deciding between the two puffers depends on how you want to style it. If the jacket will be zipped up and basically your shirt, I would go with the cropped one and style it with a pair of jeans or flares. But if the jacket will be opened and worn as a jacket, showing your Realisation Par baby tee, I would go with the longer one and style your outfit, then throw the coat on. (I also like the color Crocus Purple)


If those Aritzia prices were a little scary, this Zara one is the one for you. It has a similar look and is literally less than ½ the cost of the previous two. This one also has elasticated cuffs, which I love and are definitely a need when it comes to your puffer jacket. Zara offers a few puffer jackets, and we all know how online shopping from there is a little… interesting, so I picked this one out just for you, saving you some frustration. Kiss.

Women's Hydrenalite Down Hoodie

I like to think of this jacket as the in-between of the Aritzia and Zara one, mostly because of the price. But listen, if you are getting a North Face puffer, get this one. If you are even debating getting their $400 one, don't. Get the Aritzia one if you are gonna drop that cash; if you just want one from North Face, this one is just fine. In fact, I think I like it more. Plus, this one comes in some colors too, and I love a colorful statement piece.

Aspen Love Puffer Jacket - Black

This one's for you wellness girls out there. If you need a puffer to wear on top of your matching workout set on your way to pilates, this is the jacket for you. It looks so cute styled exactly how Alo styled it and throw on some Uggs, and you have a look. Super chic, super "that girl." Here for it.

Pippa Packable Puffer Jacket

Ok, I know this article is supposed to be about iconic black puffers, but who would I be if I didn't throw a little color in here. Iris Law would look so amazing in this jacket, and so would you. A pop of color never hurt anyone, and this one would totally make you stand out in the best way possible. It's a little less functional and more on the stylish side, so I would recommend either layering or just saving this for Los Angeles. Both work. And on that layering note, OHMYGOD, this would be so cute with layering. Either a cute white baby tee with some colorful notes and thin open long sleeves on top, then this jacket; SO CUTE. In fact, check out my lookbook for the exact way I would style this; you won't be disappointed.

WATER REPELLENT PUFFER COAT - Brown / Taupe | ZARA United States

I'm adding this one for funsies just because. I love the vibrant color, and it probably would help with your seasonal depression. Playing with colors in the winter is always fun and funky, and this is the perfect puffer if you want to do so. I'm not a fan of puffers with prints on them, but sometimes black and white can get boring; this one is the perfect in between. So this one is for our colorful ladies out there. We appreciate you.


You might look at this and say, "um WTF," but hear me out. I recently saw a paparazzi picture of Bella Hadid walking the streets of NYC, and I was obsessed with her warm winter fit. It featured a long puffer just like this. Except hers was from Prada. I mean, if you can get one from Prada, by all means, go ahead and maybe send me one-two. But I try to keep things within reason, hence why I chose this puffer. Pair it with a long hot pink scarf, your favorite pair of jeans, tiny black sunglasses, and shoes of your choice; you now have the most perfect look.

And there you go, ladies and gents, the list of my most recommended and go-to puffers is complete. I hope to see you rocking one of these out and about, and feel free to choose a different color or maybe even a shinier coat if you please (except perhaps not too glossy, those can look a lil weird).

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