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A lot of people might consider this Coachella really underwhelming or even disappointed. I heard one girl call fashion and personal style officially dead after this festival. But is that really the case?

With this new wave of super candid and casual Instagram posts, I think that carried on to real-life a little bit. Everyone kinda wants to look like "I just threw these jean and tee on and I look super casual but still super hot." I mean even Kendall Jenner posted an insta photo in front of trash cans. And I mean no hate, it's just a new vibe.

Those iconic festival-hippie-cowboy-indie vibe outfits and hairstyles we once saw are kinda gone now. No more long blue-haired King Kylie and Kendall Jenner with the most festival-like jewelry ever. Now it's an influencer Shein frenzy, or in this case, sweatpants and white tee vibe.

Kendall Jenner wore the really popular balloon pants, hers were from Local European we see all over insta and paired it with a white tee and two slick back braids. And while this outfit is really cute and simple, I would wear this to go on a quick coffee run.


But Kendall wasn't the only it-girl to keep it casual... Emma Chamberlain took it to another level. For day 3 of Coachella Emma literally wore sweatpants, slip-on vans, and a cropped tank top. No hate, but like what? This is what I wear when I'm staying in my house all day...


However, no shade to either of these hotties. They look great and they probably just want to keep it lowkey. I was excited to see something really good, so it was just a bit weird to see this for Coachella. Maybe they weren't there to serve and they just wanted to hang with friends and not think twice about their outfit... who knows.

  • Sky Haarsma

    Fashion blogs have always been my favorite thing to read, since like forever. I’m subscribed to all the magazines. My tabs are always full of articles about Bella Hadid or Kourtney Kardashian’s new matcha recipe. I eat that crap up. But I was always annoyed when I opened a fashion blog. Instead of getting the scoop on Devon Lee Carlson or the new SSENSE sale, it was some old person I never heard about or some crazy designer that only makes clothes for the elite.

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