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This is the perfect look to wear shopping in Soho on a perfect fall day. The weather is isn't cold, so you can wear a mini skirt, but it is fall, so you might double your jacket.

The hoodie is from Talentless and you added your fave leather jacket. This one is from H&M Men, so it looks perfect on top of that sweatshirt.

And you wouldn't wear anything other than your black mini skirt from Miaou paired with knee high black boots from Steve Madden.

And this outfit paired with Coperni's hottest bag, everyone will know you are the it-girl.

And you always take a mirror selfie, where we can see your cracked iPhone because you are to chic and effortless for a phone case, but you aren't afraid to drop it. I mean, it's just a phone. You are however more nervous about scrathing your purse, so you make sure someone always has an eye on it.

As for hair, I'd personally hit the streets with my long blond messy hair, serving Serena van der Woodsen, but I could also imagine a slick back braid. In that case though, you should also add some small black sunglasses.

And after you've been shopping with friends, you all go out for dinner and drinks at Luciens, and obviously make sure to snap a pic of those chic martinis.

Because this is what cool means to you.

  • Sky Haarsma

    Fashion blogs have always been my favorite thing to read, since like forever. I’m subscribed to all the magazines. My tabs are always full of articles about Bella Hadid or Kourtney Kardashian’s new matcha recipe. I eat that crap up. But I was always annoyed when I opened a fashion blog. Instead of getting the scoop on Devon Lee Carlson or the new SSENSE sale, it was some old person I never heard about or some crazy designer that only makes clothes for the elite.

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hello world!

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