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Matilda Djef is the ultimate it-girl. She’s effortlessly chic, radiates the best vibes, and takes the award for best hair every single time. She’s also in everyone’s outfit inspo Pinterest board. So if any it-girl were going to start a clothing brand, we would all want it to be here. But OMG guess what, the queen does have a clothing brand and it is everything and more. It’s called Djerf Avenue and it's the closet of my dreams.


Her brand features so many pieces that are so versatile, so easy to style, and just look great. I love the shape of her designs and the way all the clothes fall makes me drool. But not only are her pieces 2DIE4 but they are produced super ethically. They produce their pieces in Portugual and are super open about how they are made, where they are coming from, and that the labor laws are fair. Like Matilda doesn’t have an inch of hate in her entire body. I’m telling you, she’s a queen.

I did some research on Matilda’s brand, not to look for anything bad but to share with you guys how amazing she is if you aren’t convinced yet. Djerf Avenue uses natural, organic, regenerated, or recycled fibers for all its pieces and is super conscious about sustainability. UGH, I LOVE MATILDA! 


Djerf Avenue is a Swedish brand with a very chic and laid-back vibe with the perfect pieces to achieve that minimal yet put-together look that is all the rage. Honestly, though my favorite part of this brand is the fact that I want everything in Matilda’s closet, and now I feel like I can literally steal her clothes. Sold!

Hopefully, by now, you have realized how amazing and stunning both Matilda and her brand are and you are probs wanting to take a peek and some of the pieces she offers. And if you aren’t then reread this article until you get with the program, duh. Anyways, I’ve listed some of my favorite pieces that she currently offers and I know it’ll leave you hooked. It def did that to me.

Breezy Shirt in Black

Breezy Pant in Black

Right now I’m currently obsessed with the Breezy Pant and Breezy Shirt, both in black. I mean look at the way they fall! This set is everything in more. You could totally wear them together (look how good that looks) or you could easily style them separately. I would wear the pants with a white tube top and some black chunky sandals or the shirt with some jean shorts and cowboy boots.

White Tube Top

Okay and speaking of white tube tops (I literally didn’t even do this on purpose) but DJERF AVENUE HAS THE PERFECT ONE. This girl has thought of it all. Boss babe!

Favorite Pants Grey

And if you have been looking for that oversized business pant that everyone is wearing, look no further because I have found the perfect ones for you. They are even called the favorite pant and that name lives up to its expectation. 

On The Go Shirt Mocha

On The Go Pants Mocha

On The Go Pants Mocha - Tall

This is another adorable set that I would def wear together but you could totally wear separately. I love the color and it looks so comfy. But that’s not even the best part. For all my tall girl sisters out there, Matilda literally made these pants with a tall option. Like what!! She’s so inclusive and just makes me want to support her even more.

Now obviously they offer more pieces and honestly it was really hard to pick out my favs because every piece I saw I loved. You can’t go wrong with anything you purchase and no matter what you get you know you are supporting the most beautiful person inside and out. (Also she has the cutest dog in the world. Love you, Rufus).


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