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We love an event where the entire family attends. So here is a breakdown of all the sister looks.

First up, Kourtney is serving pirate.


She told Vogue that she is wearing a deconstructed version of Travis' look and you know I love a twinning moment...

Kendall brought in the bleached brows.

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Let me just say she is definitely giving face. This is the first time Kenny went outside her comfort zone when it comes to Met dress. She usually opts for a tight slinky dress that really shows off her supermodel legs, while this time you can obviously see she went for that classic ballgown look. This was honestly a good choice because it definitely fits the glamour theme a little bit more.

Is Kylie going to wear this to her wedding?

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I mean it's Kylie Jenner so she can pretty much do whatever she wants.

Kris looks so cute in her yellow dress.

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Um, Khloe looks stunning.

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It's her first time at the Met, and she didn't disappoint. She told Vogue that she's super excited for her whole family to be here, and girl me too. She's also excited about champagne and I love that for her. Her dress is Moschino and they did it in ten days which is quite impressive. But she looks stunning and I'm here for it.

And finally, Kim looks absolutely stunning and glamourous and absolutely ate every single one of her sisters up.


She is wearing Marilyn Monroe's 60-year-old dress that she wore when she sang happy birthday to President John F. Kennedy in 1962. Kim even says she had to lose 16 pounds in 3 weeks to fit into this dress, but hey she did it so you go queen. She's also killing it with the popular slick back bleached bun. But Kim, you killed it, so now go enjoy your carbs. You deserve it.

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Anine Bing - Enjoy Free Shipping and Exchanges on the ANINE BING Styles You Love. Shop Now!
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