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A messy bag - when done properly - can be the epitome of chic. It's effortless and careless, yet sneakily shows off your eye for expensive pieces when your engraved La Mer lip balm happens to fall out. It's as if quiet luxury was slightly unkept and collected too many keychains from the places of the world.

And honesty, messy isn't really the right word. It's more eclectic. Charming. Lived in. It's the Mary Poppins of bags. Because who doesn't need an extra pump hanging out the side?

Now, originally, it was Jane Birkin and Mary-Kate Olsen who capitalized on this trend.

messy bag
jane birkin bag
mary kate olsen birkin
Getty Images

Although they were also a fan of the worn-in leather look on their Birkins, which I am definitely a fan of, the designers seemed to skip out on that side of the look for spring ready-to-wear 2024.

And speaking of designers, the overflowing bag was seen in countless looks for Miu Miu and Balenciaga.

messy bag
miu miu bag
miu miu spring 2024
Miu Miu Spring 2024
messy bag
balenciaga spring 2024
balenciaga bags
Balenciaga Spring 2024

The fun thing about this trend is you can really personalize it. You can go all out with the chains or just fill your bag with lip products and pajama shorts.

So, what are some it-girl products and pieces that will take your bag to the messy bag? Of course, there are the essentials that all it-girls keep in their bags, but now we are taking it to the next level.

A Quick Change

Nobody wants to stay in their tight pants all day, especially when you are going straight to a friend's house from work. And nobody has clothing pieces as good as you do. That's why carrying boy shorts and a cotton t-shirt will always be a lifesaver. You'll thank me later.


And not just for your keys

Your keys should already have looks of fun keychains on them; that's a given, but Balenciaga is in a new ballfield. Now, I'm one for little chains on the zipper of your bag. In fact, my little Dutch shoe that my dad got me when we were in Holland hangs off my white shoulder bag, and it's my favorite thing ever. But Balenciaga said we need more than ribbons, bows, and sentimental pieces. And it's really up to you to see how jingly you want to get.

it girl keychain
ballet shoe keychain

Ballet Shoe Keychain



Papers, Notes, and Your Deepest Thoughts

And Bergdorf Goodman receipts, of course

There's no time to keep your thoughts organized! And with the three different journals you write in, a lot of paper is inevitable. And everyone knows to keep the receipts until you are sure that those Western Suede Ankle Boots from Khaite are as comfy as you hoped they would be.

Heartful Pieces

This is where you can get super personal. A rose quartz, a piece of your childhood, your lucky necklace - whatever makes you happy and brings you good energy goes in the bag.

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