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@Carlo Scarpato / Gorunway.com

As Paris fashion week comes to a close, the latest collections seem to be taking a step back in time. A time where Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen ruled street style in 2005 with oversized men’s button up with NYU zip ups, slouchy designer bags, smudged eyeliner, and messy braids.

Chloé’s new creative director, Chemena Kamali, has brought in the revival of boho chic with her debut collection and is introducing a younger generation to the style that was was major piece in defining 2000s fashion.

For the past few seasons, fashion has been revising old trends, rather than create new concepts. Every 20 years, fashion recycles itself and we’re seeing this happen again. As spring comes upon us, the comeback of boho chic is ready for its moment.

There’s a sense of “chill” to boho chic, compared to Y2K which was low rise jeans and tight tops. Boho chic focuses more on an element of carefree fun. Kamali’s collection was able to capture the true essance of the style that seems true to her as a designer but also Chloé as an overall brand.

Majority of the pieces take inspiration from the brand’s 2004 fall ready to wear collection, the year boho chic was in full force. Hip slung trousers, collerless jackets, slouchy bags, and tap-shorts filled the runway. Delicate shift tops were mixed with babydoll dresses and glossy dark shaded boots. The star of the show was a gold logo belt that spelt Chloé in a loopy cursive script.

Alessandro Viero / Gorunway.com
Alessandro Viero / Gorunway.com

The models wore their hair loose and natural and their makeup light and natural, careful not to overpower the clothes.

Kamali herself embodied her designs to a T. She took her bow as the show closed wearing a pair of low rise flared denim jeans and an untucked white lace blouse.

The feel of the F/W collection was natural and being true to yourself, and when Kamali ran down the runway stage with a bright smile as her young son jumped from his seat to give her a hug, it was the perfect way to close out the show.

With Chloé’s success, the boho chic’s revival is well on its way to taking over the fashion trends. Who knows, maybe Blake Lively will go back to her Serena van der Woodsen roots(the Gossip Girl character was famous for mixing laid back bohemian with high end designer style) or see the Olsen twins step out in a rare paparazzi photo to give a nod to the 2000’s style they made so famous.

Editors Note: To see how you can emulate this style with your own pieces, TIGG gives you Your Sexy Guide to Boho Chic. You're welcome.

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2 months ago

so happy about the revival of this trend

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