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A pair of perfect baggy low-rise jeans are an essential piece to an it-girl wardrobe. In fact, that would definitely be in my top 5 closet must-haves. I can't live without them.

But it wasn't until recently that I discovered my current favorite pair of jeans. They have a great slouchy look but sit so perfectly on your hip bones, I'm in love.

Because a pair of jeans like that is hard to find.

And I always say, it doesn't matter if you have a million pairs of something, if you don't have one perfect staple pair it's like you have none.

You know that feeling when you dig through your closet and throw a million items of clothing on the floor but still say you have nothing to wear? It's for that exact reason I just described. Whether it be that one perfect stable tube top, perfect leather jacket, or in this case that perfect pair of slouchy low blue jeans.


Best Baggy Jeans

With my baggy jeans, I need them to be the perfect baggy shape, they can't just look super huge on me and have no shape.

Because you can always tell.

Jeans may all look the same to the untrained eye but not to someone who dies for the white baby tee, blue jeans, and hottest sneaker combo.

I've bought a bunch of low-rise jeans and baggy jeans and low-rise baggy jeans, but nothing hit. I recently saw a new pair of jeans on this girl and I was like, hmm - I like that shape.

So I tried something a little bit different and it worked. I got my favorite and most perfect pair of baggy low-rise jeans.

Here's what I did.

Zara is known for having great jeans, you just gotta dig and find what works for you and I did just that, except it might work for everyone. But it also might not and that's okay.


Instead of going for my usual low rise, I went for mid-rise straight-leg jeans. But here's the catch:

I sized up like six sizes.

That way, the once mid-rise is now too big for mid so it went down too low, and the once straight leg is too wide for the straight leg so they became baggy. But they still had the shape of a nice fitting pair of blue jeans.

Get the logic? How genius!

And the best part is, as I'm writing this the exact pair of jeans I ordered are 30% on the Zara app! I'll link there exact pair I bought below and you can knock your socks off.

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