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malaika ngande

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Valentine’s Day is just a matter of days and for the lucky girlies that have a partner, I bet they are right now in struggle, overthinking on how to do the perfect gift for you. And if YOU are the panicking hopeless one, don’t worry I got you. There’s not pressure in Valentine’s day, to be honest, it isn’t the most important event of your year. But if you’re in a relationship, think that maybe your partner is been waiting ages ‘till she find the person who will make her romantic comedies dreams finally come true. Making or buying a gift is easy with the right help. So don’t worry.

The Valentines gift guide is for the lovers to the Galentines girls, to the gift for ourselves. ❣️


Starting with a base of the Valentines catalogue. The cutest collections usually come up around Feb 14th so you’re looking for a thing this is perfect for you. Plus this year, we are blessed by the already iconic Lana Del Rey x Skims for Valentines. It might be more of a pre-Valentines gift.


« If you want someone to miss you, go secretly and spray your fragrance somewhere » -Blake Lively

A perfume is (almost) always a serve, and since you are the one offering it, your partner will think of you everytime they spray it! These are essentially based on a rose scent, but do with whatever you want.

Rose Prick Eau De Parfum

Tom Ford


Maison Margiela


Back to the basics with the most simple romantic move since decades, flowers. Now if you wanna give a bouquet a little more originality there’s a lot of different options out there you can absolutely find something made for your partner.

Bonsai Tree


Garden Tales Rose


Your Local Florist

A natural bouquet could be the prettiest gift, and it really brings light to the day of someone. I could say don’t wait Valentine’s Day to surprise your loved ones, but this could be a nice occasion (maybe the first of more !!)

Notes from experience: Pls make sure to not buy it too early or the flowers may die too fast. Seems obvious but trust me some need it.


Heart's Desire Necklace

Roxanne Assoulin

A lovely Valentine’s Day to all of you harshly and violently in love people, I really really wish you to have fun!

Meanwhile, I won’t.


  • Malaika Ngande

    Iʼm a fashion-loving French teenager, Carrie Bradshaw is my religion, I barely ever sleep, and I could easily trade you for a Dior 1997 dress by Galliano. My comfort movie is The Bling Ring by Sofia Coppola or any Bridget Jones. Iʼm also a hardcore fan of Emrata, Gossip Girl, Lana del Rey, and Taylor Swift. My only worry in life is to slay all day, every day. Xoxo

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hello world!

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