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Fall is officially here in less than two weeks, which means we should start switching over to our fall wardrobe. When it comes to a fall wardrobe, I love having my 5-10 basic staples that I can mix and match and restyle throughout the whole season. In case you feel like you were missing some, or you just want to see what mine are, here are the fall closet staples.

I love this little dress; it's giving French girl chic meet NYC. Like a Jane Birkin, Alexa Chung, Sex in the City episode crossover. It's super cute by itself or styled with a pair of tights and a headband. Plus it's a simple canvas so you can accessorize it to turn it into your style - super versatile. It's great for dinners or parties or just walks in the park, the total dress for fall.

You can never have enough sweaters. Actually, that's a lie, and I take that back because I think you can have enough sweaters. When you invest in sweaters from Khaite or the Row, you really only need 3-5, especially when they are a simple color and a timeless style. Quality over quantity. However, this sweater from Zara will do. It's a simple but necessary piece for fall. Pair it with some black denim and sneakers or a lacey slip dress and ballet flats for two perfect looks.

Boy short fall! Boy! Short! Fall! I was recently in Brandy Melville with my friend doing what I call styling shopping, where I just walk around a store and pull pieces and figure out how I would style them. It's one of my favorite activities but not the smartest because every time I end up creating my favorite outfit in my mind and convince myself that I need this piece of clothing. Even when I'm styling something I don't like. Ok, not the point, back to the boy shorts. Anyway, I was styling these black boy shorts and decided I needed them to wear with a black off-the-shoulder sweater and some mini Uggs or the Miu Miu biker boots (or any other black boot). But anyways, I knew I needed these shorts for fall and now I think you do too.

Not a day goes by when I don't think about these shoes. Specifically styled with some effortless jeans and like a sweater or something, with some cute sunglasses. Ugh, such a move. I love the feminine yet edgy vibe these shoes have and they could honestly be great for a witch costume this Halloween.

Everyone needs a black longsleeve for the fall. If you don't have one yet, I don't know what you have been wearing. It's simple, easy, and always works. Personally, I like my sleeves either too short or too long, and this shirt from Aritzia has nice long ones. I think they even have thumb holes.

Thin belts, thin sunglasses, or thick belts and thick sunglasses? 90s or 70s? Up to you.

I'm obsessed with black denim in the fall. It feels very chic and city girl. Very Khaite, very Olsen twin. But here's my thing when it comes to black jeans, I don't like them with baby tees. I know its weird, but there is something about that combo that I just hate. So I'll have my favorite baby tees and I'll have my favorite black jeans, they will just never see the light of day together.

Miu Miu biker boot dupe. The it-boot of fall. Right here. Love, TIGG.

Pair with a long-sleeved shirt, some messy hair, some smudged black eyeliner from the day before, and go strut to a cafe and get that pumpkin spice latte.

Everyone loves a sale, especially when it's from our favorite brands. Everyone is freaking out about the fact that Ref is having a 30% off sale and that now is the time to shop for your favorite pieces. But what's better than a discount? A discount on top of a discount. These items in this article are already 30% off, but once you add them all to your cart, apply the code "REFBABE20" for an additional 20% off. I mean, are you kidding me? Now that's a deal. And from Ref? Sign me up.

Sometimes shopping for all the sale items is tough, though, because you have to dig through the unwanted items to find the gold, but lucky for you, I already did the hard work. I've scrolled and scrolled and found ten pieces that are a must-have with or without the sale. But they are definitely even more worth it with the sale.

Elan Ultra High Rise Straight Leg Jeans

$103.60 $148 (or $82.88 with the additional 20% off)

These jeans are so cute, but the new price tag makes them even cuter. And let's be real, you can never have to many pairs of blue jeans, especially when they are this flattering.

Harriet Regenerative Wool Mini Dress

$194.60 $278 (or $155.68 with the additional 20% off)

This sweater dress is definitely a must-have for fall/winter. And I love it with the scrunched socks and loafers. It's casual, it's effortless, and it's so easy to throw on and style for those cold and cozy days when we want to look cute but don't want to have to do too much.

Rayna Closed Toe Clo

$208.60 $298 (or $166.88 with the additional 20% off)

I am SO OBSESSED with this look. Like, obsessed is an understatement. I actually need these clogs; you don't understand, I would wear them with a black top and blue jeans like above, or with some casual black pants and a tube top, or with. along sleeve extra mini silk dress, or this or that to infinity and beyond. I can't even.

Addie Velvet Top

$103.60 $148 (or $82.88 with the additional 20% off)

I love a tube top. I mean, who doesn't? And I would wear one all day, every day, but sometimes you want something a little dressier for your night out - that's where this bad boy comes in.

Novena Top

$89.60 $128 (or $71.68 with the additional 20% off)

I love this top with either blue jeans (like the one pictured above) or some white linen pants. Air dry your wet hair and throw on some Glossier cloud paint, and you've got a look perfect for a hot day.

Pacey Dress

$152.60 $218 (or $122.08 with the additional 20% off)

Such a cute spring/summer dress, which I know we are passing, but it's still good for years to come. Whether you are spending your days in Italy or just cutting up fresh fruit, this dress is super feminine and playful.

Serina Silk Dress

$152.60 $218 (or $122.08 with the additional 20% off)

I love this dress, but I love it even more with these pointy knee-high black boots. Or you could wear it with the up-and-coming trend of motorcycle boots, which never really went out of style in my household. But we can all picture the Miu Miu RTW boots I'm talking about.

This dress is one of those effortlessly chic dresses, so bring the confidence, and that's really all you need.

Citron Linen Dress

$124.60 $178 (or $99.68 with the additional 20% off)

This dress gives total Jane Birkin vibes (RIP), and I love it. I love it with the ballet flats, but it would also be super cute with some brown knee-high leather boots, or you could Bella Hadid-ify it and pair it with some tiny rectangle glasses, white crew or knee-high socks, and Adidas Sambas. Or just grab a wicker basket and stick to your roots.

Brooklyn Pant

$138.60 $198 (or $110.88 with the additional 20% off)

These pants are super chic and flattering and great for my stylish working girls or just when you want a professional pant. I would probably edge it up a bit with a white tank top that's cut enough to give just that whisper of underboob. Pair it with your shoes of choice and an it-girl shoulder bag, and you are good to go.

Kerrigan Linen Dress

$159.60 $228 (or $127.68 with the additional 20% off)

I felt like this is a great brunch dress or for when you want a pop of color but still something simple. It's perfect for summer but can be played with in spring and fall too. Just add lots of bracelets and earrings, and you've got a super cute look.

Fall is upon us, and with that comes the start of our academic year. And my personal favorite way of getting through the tests and homework is treating it like a fashion show because whoever told you school is not a hair salon or a fashion show or whatever - was lying to you - because it is. And that doesn't mean coming to school in a gown every day unless that's your vibe, and in that case, you do you. But to me, it just means wearing something you and confident and comfortable in that shows off who you are. So in case you haven't used your brain all summer and feel like you totally forgot what to wear to school, here are some ideas for you. Let the back-to-school shopping begin.

Jeans - ZARA High-Waisted Full Length Jeans
Baby Tee - LISA SAYS GAH Alex Tee Clams
Sneakers - ADIDAS Samba OG Low Top Orange
Earrings - MEJURI Chunky Medium Hoops
Notepad - PAPIER Monogram Leather
Tee - REALISATION PAR Ziggy Stardust Tee
Boxer Shorts - PRINCESS POLLY Beach House Shorts Red/White
Gold Earrings - AUREUM COLLECTIVE Luxury Gold Earrings
Hair Perfume - DIPTYQUE Do Son Hair Mist
Cowboy Boots - TECOVAS Jamie
Black Sweater - REVOLVE Men's Mohair Sweater
Black Jeans - FRAME Le High 'N' Tight Straight Slit
Gold Watch - FOSSIL Raquel Gold Watch
Gold Bracelet - GORJANA Venice Mini Bracelet
White Sneakers - ADIDAS Samba White
Hoodie - ENTIRE STUDIOS Khaki Heavy Hoodie
Sweatpants - FREE CITY Purple Plant
White Baby Tee - REFORMATION Muse Tee
iPhone - APPLE iPhone 14 Max
Perfume - LE LABO Santal 33
Black Long Sleeve Shirt - MOTEL ROCKS Long Sleeve Crop Top
Jorts - LEVIS 501 Mid Thigh Shorts
Thin Black Belt - ANTHROPOLOGY Skinny Croc Belt
Loafers - COACH Leah Loafer
White Crew Socks - AERIE Crew Socks
Red Glossy Lip Tint - GLOSSIER Ultralip

Although there are only five lookbooks above, they really give you an idea of different styling ideas this year. You can also mix and match a lot of the looks, which is always convenient. For example, you could wear the black sweater with the purp,e sweatpants and the clam baby tee with jorts and so on. Another thing you could do is wear the same outfits above, just in different colors and variations. For example, you could look at the black sweater lookbook but instead wear a grey sweater and light blue jeans. So I hope you girls have a great school year and always stay smart and sexy. Stay tuned for more back-to-school articles!

Boho chic is the epitome of effortlessly cool. It's casual and messy but always flattering. It also uses a lot of simple pieces that you can mix and match with each other, so as long as you have the staples that we cover, you will be good to roll.

Some girls who I think really captured this look were Kate Moss and Sienna Miller, with some occasional looks from the Olsen twins and, low-key, even Alessandra Ambrosio.

You could also pull a lot of inspiration from Isabel Marant Spring 2009 and 2011.

So what are the necessary pieces to capture this style?


90% of boho chic looks will feature boots. Brown boots, suede boots, cowboy boots, knee-high boots, doesn't really matter. As long as it's slightly worn out and black or brown, you are good to go.

And extra points if you have fringe somewhere on your outfit, whether it be said boots, a slouchy bag, or even your jacket. You want to capture that Western meets 70 vibe but still keeping it fun, free, and sexy.


It's all about the legs here. Tiny denim shorts are a must, and brown or dark grey mini skirts are another great option. You could also reach for long flowy skirts, but never long shorts. Jorts are not an option; the tinier the shorts, the better. But not skin tight; we still want everything loose and effortless.

I love these denim shorts that Kate is wearing, and you could pair them with any top.

Below is another great example of an effortless look that isn't trying to hard but still looks super chic and sexy,


Of course you could play around with colors but I'd say stay near the neaturals. Browns, blacks, whites, and greys are great staples but you could throw in some earth tones like a good moss green. But I think the colors play a big part in the whole boho chic look.

I'm loving this look and the boho-chic vibe, but notice how the colors play such a big role. If this was a bright-colored mini skirt and a bright-colored top and accessories, it would be giving Paris Hilton and Y2K. Which, there is nothing wrong with that; it just isn't boho chic.


Hobo bags are essential. Big, slouchy, effortless bags that you can always throw on and throw anything in are a must. If you really want to give a boho vibe, you could reach for studs or fringe.


Belts are such a must. Big belts, small belts, whatever: always have a belt on.

This is a great example of wearing a big studded belt over your dress or long skirt, which we are seeing a lot more of recently, and I'm here for it. It's a great accessory and a great way to add an extra bump to an outfit.

Another great belt-over dress look; I mean, who isn't obsessed with Kate's Glastonbury look?

So basically, follow the three B's: boots, belts, and bags! Just keep them in a neutral color and look for studs and fringe. Then keep the rest of your outfit pretty simple, and either wear tiny bottoms with a more casual and flowy top or a tank top with a long flowy skirt. As for dresses, the two photos above are a good idea of where to base your basic idea.

Boho chic is definitely on its way back in fashion, and it's a great, effortless look. Plus Kate Moss can never go wrong, so you know you are on the right page.

This was a requested article, but also a very necessary one. Spring is officialy here and I'm so happy because it is my favorite season and I just love everything to do with spring. So many fun recipes, outfits, and of course bikinis. Whether you have a spring break trip coming up and need a new look, or just need a bikini for this season, this article has got you covered. Flattering floral pieces are all you need and now you will be able to find one within every budget.

spring swim under $20

toile de jouy bandeu - $15

This was the cutest bikini I could find for my girls looking for something under $20. I love a bandeu moment and this pattern just gives me the most baby spring vibes.

toile de jouy bottoms - $10

The details on the matching bottoms are so precious I can't even. The best part is it's literally $10, so the entire set is $25. Are you kidding me?! You couldn't even look at Frankie's for that price.

reformation floral bottoms - $18

These floral bottoms originally from Reformation are so cute and so perfect for my girls looking for quality but still want a deal. Plus it's double amazing for the planet because Reformation already practices sustainablity and these are second hand. Double trouble.

spring swim under $50

tularosa top - on sale for for $34

This is such a spring bikini, the floral patteren, and the ruffled shape is just so cute and girly and I love it. A picture in this shot on film and you have the most dreamy spring photo.

tularosa bottoms - on sale for $34

The matching bottoms to create the total spring look. The best part of it all is that it's on sale for only $34. Like talk about add to cart.

yellow bikini top - $38

The pastel color is perfect for spring and the little bow detail is just so cute. Plus I love how the cut isn't super boxy, it has more shape and gives you better tan lines.

high cut bottom - $30

Talk about a cute butt moment. The shape is flattering but they are also really comftable and they stay in place.

spring swim under $100

kaya set - $99

I love a simple look, and this is just the perfect bikini for me. It can be worn all year round, but I feel like it just gives spring vibes. Also, it's sold as a set which is always so nice when shopping for bikinis.

peoney bikini top - $95

The quality of the image is not there but the quality of the top is! This is one of my favorite shapes in a bikini top because the fit is just so flattering. Gives the girls a nice shape, ya know?

link pink ribbed triangle bikini top - $80

I love this shade of pink, especially for March. It's so baby and the vibes are perfect. The ribbing is a nice touch too because it adds something to the look while still keeping the simplicity. This is also one of my favorite bikini top cuts because of how flattering it is.

light pink ribbed string bikini bottoms - $80

The matching bottoms are so cute and still so flattering, and I love how these can be tied so you can make big bows that match the vibe of the baby pink.

spring swim over $100

gimiguas pantelleria set - $130

This Gimiguas bikini set is so fun for spring and summer, the colors are perfect, the shapes are so cute, and the fit is so flattering. Pair it with a gold belly chain and chunky gold jewlery and you have the perfect tropical spring break look.

frankies bikinis x sydney sweeney - $115

This top is from the latest Frankie drop, the collab with Sydney Sweeney, and the shape and fit is just so flattering.

rose bandeu top - $175

I thought I should add just one fun piece, and this is definitely the one. It's not a top for everyone, but if you were looking for more of a statement piece this spring, this is for you.

The Victoria's Secret fashion show was one of the most iconic and dazzling runway shows for the longest time. It featured supermodels and its most adored angels, such as Gisele, Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio, and so many more gorgeous girls. Every single girl on the runway was pretty much what you would consider perfect. This show was the Super Bowl of fashion shows and its models were royalty.

But in 2018 we watched the last show, but according to recent news, there will be a new show this year, and it's created quite a discussion.

"We're going to continue to lean into the marketing spend to invest in the business, both at top-of-funnel and also to support the new version of our fashion show, which is to come later this year," Johnson said.

"As we've previously shared, our new brand projection and mission will continue to be our guiding principle," the statement read. "This will lead us into new spaces like reclaiming one of our best marketing and entertainment properties to date and turning it on its head to reflect who we are today. We're excited to share more later this year."

Although the show is coming back, many of us are asking if it will have the same glamor and desire it once had, or if they will end up trying to hard and ruining the whole thing again.

I think what we all loved so much about the show was how captivating and gorgeous it was. Its energy was unmatched and it created an entire universe. It wasn't just the fashion show, it was the off-duty casting photos, the Train Like An Angel hashtag, the press and perfume promotions, and the obsession over the angels themself.


Personally, I love the glitz and glamour that goes down on the stage. You aren't watching the Super Bowl and demanding it is turned off because you can't play football. I think the same rules should be applied here.

I think that its return could be great if done properly. Yes, they should be more diverse but that doesn't mean casting every single person you could find. I think if they make it too "achievable" it takes away what gave the show its real desire. Hence the name, "angels."

On a side note, I need to see Candice on that runway and if I don't I will literally turn the show off.

I'd love to hear what you girls think in the comments below!

Spring is literally right around the corner, which means if you haven't prepared your perfect wardrobe yet, now is the time to do it to have the cutest most stylish spring ever.

I've shared 10 items perfect for this feminine and floral season that will elevate your closet and give you the perfect spring wardrobe.

Plus you can mix and match all these items together or with items you already have, so no clothes will go unworn.

And some of these items can even be styled for future seasons so you can really get your wear out of them. Or if you are like me you will be getting your wear out of them next month alone because these items are so perfect and I'm obsessed with every single one.

I've also given you ideas on how I would style these pieces in case you want to see my vision.

light pink floral cardigan

danielle guizio - $278

This is the cutest cardigan, specifically for spring. You could wear it over a cute simple mini dress, one a mini skirt and tube top, or a white tank top and some low baggy blue jeans with black Sambas. The possibilities are endless.

dainty floral dress

reformation - $278

This dress just gives me the best spring vibes. You can edge it up with an oversized leather jacket or keep it feminine and wear it on it's own. It's the perfect farmer's market outfit or even for a brunch with your girlfriends.

oversized denim jacket

reformation - 198

You guys this is the year I'm bringing back oversized (and possibly studded) denim jackets. I feel like this with a cute spring dress could be a serve when styled and worn correctly. Or you could wear it with a low black maxi skirt, Realisation Par tank top and your favorite sneakers. Both are super cute and I'm obsessed, definitely my vibe this spring.

light pink tank top

frankies bikinis - $75

A go to for spring. It can be worn with pretty much all of the other pieces I talk about in this article, but I would specifically pair it with the brown trousers below. It would be giving Bella Hadid in LA (iykyk). It would also look so cute with a specific denim jacket (cough cough see above) and some vintage sunglasses.

brown trousers

reformation - $178

Ok you might assume brown pants should be for fall and normally I would agree, but these with the light pink tank top could be such a cute spring look for a lunch date or just a day out. You could even pull a Sandy Liang and add some bows in your hair for a more feminine twist.

lavender shoulder bag

tigg - $35

It was honestly hard for me to not keep this bag for myself because it is so perfect and the perfect shoulder bag for spring. It's slouchy and the perfect size, and this shade of purple is the perfect way to add color to an outfit without making it take over completely. And it can be dressed up or down, which is a must have for me when it comes to bags.

light pink mini dress

i.am.gia - $110

Everyone is loving this dress right now, and I can totally see why. I personally LOVE a strapless mini dress, and the fact that this one is light pink and has these ribbons and bows on it are just another plus. It's perfect for a spring birthday or event and it would look great with a jacket so you can stay warm and be perfectly dressed for the weather.

white cami

cou cou intimates - $46

I actually NEED this top. Like right now. It's insane how badly I need this top. I mean how cute would it be with some low baggy jeans and comfy shoes and messy hair. Just 100% my vibe. But it's also perfect because you can make it 100% your vibe. It's so versatile and can literally be worn all day and all night. You could even pair it with that studded denim jacket for the hottest most effortless look. Screaming.

white tie top

princess polly - $35

This is definitely a more simplier and predictable top, but I feel like the flowyness and bow just makes it the perfect soft and subtle top for spring. It would look great with a maxi skirt and platform sandals for a farmers market look or you could pair it with some vintage denim and a baseball cap for a more everyday look. Either way, its super cute and super flattering - you need it.

green cardigan

reformation - $128

I can definitely picture Kendall Jenner or Kaia Gerber wearing this cardigan around LA. It's super cute and super comfy, and the sleeves are nice and long which I absolutely love. And I love this open button look. Pair it with a cute shoulder bag, sneakers, and some gold earrings and you have the perfect look.

This is NOT an advertisement. Some products do have affiliate links. This is a review.

Finding the best moisturizer, concealer, or the latest eyeliner trend can be hard sometimes. I know I'm constantly looking up the best new skincare product or asking you girls what the best self-tanner is. But it's so hard finding a credible source or discovering a place that has everything at once. Like, I can't just look up GRWM on TikTok and expect to find all the answers right away- I'd probably have to spend five hours watching videos and creating spreadsheets.

So for our second group article, I asked you, girls, to put together your "get ready with me" essentials (which you submitted through either Instagram or Twitter). This way, we will have a collective spot to discuss the products we love, and all the suggestions and common products will be right here!

And in case you missed it, check out our first group article, "Our It-Girl Essentials," for our favorite items overall.




"first of all i can say credits to my dermatologist. she is the best. most of the stuff on my skin care is from her🥰

morning: so i start with the ducray clenser it's really good and not too harsh i use that mostly at night cause honestly i am kinda lasy to do it in the morning, but i do use it in the mornings when i have time, after that i follow with the ducray moisturiser. love. love. love. they i go in with the blue ice balls. i got mine from ice ice baby they are 50€ my dermatologist recommended me these but there are probably some more affordable ones, then a must in the morning is the melem!! so i actually got this from croatia cause i am actually croatian so idk if u can find it anywhere else i saw it on amazon but its much more expensive than it is in croatia but its like really good for ur lips

night: so at night i always use my ducray clenser cause i want to take all the oils and creams off my face and then i follow with the same moisturiser i use in the mornings, after that i go in with the clienzo gel, this gel is my saver i had really bad crystal acne and my dermatologist didnt want to put me on accurate at first and gave me this gel and my skin is clean like glass (i can send u before and after results if u need it but it's really the best) the only problem is u need a prescription for this one😕 so thats it with my night routine

than i have stuff i dont use on a daily basis: for example the la roche posay is amazing for pimples. it works soo good. i just use if i have like one pimple and its gone overnight, than the paulas choice exfoliate is one of my faves i use it 1-2 times a week and i am in love(dont overuse it tho!!) so the pixi eyepatches are my fave eyepatches cause honestly they are around 20€ and work pretty good (i dont use them really often though, they were also a rec from my dermatologist) the last thing is the merz spezial. THE BEST! honestly the best face mask evaaa. its german tho so idk if all the american girlies can get it😔, but if u can gooo. its only 2€ and my dermatologist recommended it to me and i am obsessed i use it once a week and u have the smoothest skin evaaaa

ok so makeup:
i start with mixing the bronzi drops with my moisturiser. so honestly this things are SOO HARD to get but my amazing momma was obsessed with drunk elephant since 2013 so she got these things right when they came out before they went viral, so i am very thankful to that, thanks to her we always have a 45% sale, cause she is constantly shopping there. so after that i go with the rosi drops. the bronzi and rosi do have ingredients that clog ur pores tho, but my dermatologist told me its not too bad and u should just always clense it off before going to bed(obviously!!) after that i go in with the lighter nars concealer under my eyes and on red spots and being an alix earle girly i use a darker concealer and contour with it. also the nars concealer is amazing and my dermatologist said its one of not many concealers that DOES NOT clog ur pores😍

thats a win win situation there. also i just noticed that i forgot to put my lash curler on the pic but its the catrice one, really amazing, then i go with the roller lash mascara it really is amazing. last 2 things is the the lip liner i use the buxtom kind of pink/brown one and go around my lips and then i use the clarins lipgloss in shade 5 i think"



"I try to use my ice roller as often as I can when I wake up, it just feels like I have my life together those days. And some days I’ll use some dry shampoo (Batiste Brunette Dry Shampoo) to give my hair the texture and volume I like, it’s important that I do that before I wash my face because I don’t want it on my skin, it’ll clog pores. Next I cleanse and I’m on my first bottle of The Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid Cleanser and so far I have no complaints. Although, I do want to try the Oat Cleansing Balm our It Girl Sky recommended next! And after face wash I apply moisturizer (CeraVe Daily) and SPF (Elta MD SPF 40).

I’m on the hunt for new daily moisturizers and SPFs though because I feel like the ones I’m using aren’t giving. And after all that to smell super good I use the Beija Flor Elasti-Cream all over and the Glossier You perfume. And if I have the extra time in the morning I’ll use my go to products: Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek in Flip, Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, Benefit Gimme Brow+ Tinted Eyebrow Gel, and Elf Liquid Glitter in Disco (I’ll always love a sparkly lid). These are my go to not because I love them so much but because they’re so easy to use.

My life has been so busy right now I haven’t explored my routine basics as much as I want to. I want to stop using dry shampoo, a better moisturizer and spf, and just overall better makeup products too. I want to be able to cherish my morning routine so I’m so excited to see what the rest of the TIGG girls shared!"



"So this is what I made, and I use most of this everyday. As you probably can see I am all about following trends and I am a huge beauty freak. But i also love a good dupe. So my board is kind of a mix of both. For makeup I love my nars concealer. It has light coverage which I love for a more natural look and doesn’t crease, so it’s a must have in my routine. I also love my milk bronzer in the shade baked that I have been using since sixth grade. Another trend I have jumped on is the rare beauty blush, and I am OBSESSED!! The shade I use is encourage and I think it is the perfect, more natural shade. But a dupe I love love love is the maybelline perfector! It is the perfect dupe for the very expensive Charlotte tilbury flawless filter so that is another must have!! And then I finish of my makeup with curling my lashes and using my favourite mascara-bad gal bang by maybelline. It is truly the best mascara I have ever tried! I also love my glossier boy brow in clear.

But the most important thing before makeup is of course skincare! And my favourite skincare brand by far is glossier. Which you can probably see in my picture. But I always start off by washing my face with just water and then serum. I use the drunk elephant b-hydra serum which hydrates so much and I love it. I then take my moisturiser which is the khiels ultra facial cream (couldn’t find a good picture). And I mix my moisturiser with the drunk elephant d-bronzi drops. These are obviously another trendy item but I love it and would recommend it to anyone! They add such a nice natural glowy tan. For some extra glow I use the futuredew oil serum from glossier, which is another must have in my routine.

And lastly I use the milk makeup cooling stick to de-puff my under eyes. The last step in my whole morning is of course some sprays of the sol de janiro 62 spray, gisou hair oil and then I choose between my lemon sorbet laneige lip sleeping mask or one of my glossier balm dotcoms. My favourite flavours are mint, mango, rose and lavender. And then I also love to use my rose quartz facial roller and my rose quartz gua sha.
These are some of my it-girl must haves! Love, Agnes❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹"



"As you might be able to tell from the products above, I’m a very skincare-obsessed person. My everyday makeup look focuses on highlighting my natural features, and I don’t really like to spend much time getting ready in the morning (every minute of sleep counts). I start off by cleansing my face with the Tatcha Rice Wash. I love how soft it makes my skin and it also feels really nice when you’re using it. Next i apply a bit of the Good Molecules Niacinamide Brightening Toner.

I’ve been using this toner for several months now and it’s really helped with the brightness and texture of my skin! After that I’ll sometimes use my microneedle roller before applying a couple pumps of the Rhode Peptide Glazing Fluid. Then I’ll apply some sunscreen to my face and neck, and then I’m ready for makeup! I start off by applying some of the Kosas Revealer Concealer under my eyes and I’ll blend it in with either my fingers or a concealer brush. After that I brush up my brows with the Glossier brow gel. My brows are naturally pretty full, so a bit of tinted gel is really all I need.

Once I’m done with that, I apply some Rare Beauty cream blush with my fingers. I used to not like wearing too much blush, but not I can’t go without it! After blush I’ll put a bit of the Rare Beauty Liquid Luminizer (I like the shade “Mesmerize”) on the back of my hand and use a brush to mix it with another pump of the Rhode Peptide Glazing Fluid. Once it’s mixed, I apply it to my nose and cheekbones.

Next, I curl my lashes and apply the Ilia Fullest Volumizing Mascara. I love that this mascara never gets clumpy, so you can apply several layers until you get the look that you want. It also has Arginine and Provitamin B5 in it, which keep your lashes healthy. Lastly, I apply either some Chanel Rouge Coco Flash lipstick, which is super hydrating and creamy, or Dior lip oil to my lips (or both). And that’s it!"



"One of the most important things a girl can have is a reliable makeup routine. When you look your best, you feel your best; these products will give you the confidence of a supermodel. I start my makeup routine by applying a good base. Spf is a vital part of any makeup look. Currently, I’m using the Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen. This specific sunscreen leaves no white cast on your face and of course, provides tons of sun protection. To achieve the rest of my dewy, natural base I use Kosas concealer, the Milk Makeup Bronzer Stick, Benefit Hula Bronzer, and a liquid blush(I alternate between NARS and Charlotte Tilbury). Eyes are the next step in my routine. One thing about me is that I love a dramatic lash. You will never see me leave the house without a couple coats of Maybelline Lash Sensational! I also love to apply a bit of the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in the shade “cottage cheese” to the inner corner of my eyes. This step may seem extra, but you won’t regret it. The light shimmer really makes your eyes pop! As for eyebrows, I don’t do much other than lightly filling them in with the NYX Micro Eyebrow Pencil. Simple & easy eyebrows do the trick and are the best look for me. Finally, it is time to apply a lip product. My go-to at the moment is the Too Faced Lip Injection plumping gloss, but I also really like the iconic Dior Lip Oil. In my opinion, a glossy lip is so much more appealing and attractive than a matte lipstick. I highly recommend every single one of these fantastic products and I hope that you found something worth trying out!"



"as an it girl in her first year of college, my top priorities are definitely saving both time and money. i am nothing if not a drugstore girlie, so most if not all of my makeup/skincare/shower products can be found at your local cvs, walgreens, what have you. the maybelline instant age rewind concealer has been my holy grail since middle school and has saved my life after many a late night. my daily look has actually become pretty minimal (save for the occasional red lip or touch of glitter if i’m feeling fancy) as of late to allow for as much beauty rest as possible before my morning classes, so i actually do most of my “getting ready” the night before. i use my favorite shea moisture intensive hydration hair masque once a week, and i love to sleep with a heartless curl hair scarf for a quick shake-and-go style that requires little to no maintenance. since i don’t tend to wear foundation on a day-to-day basis, keeping my skin clear and hydrated is a must. i recently discovered that trader joe’s actually has a ton of super affordable skincare products that have absolutely transformed my routine (my favs are the hyaluronic serum and rose water toner)! and of course, who is an it girl without her signature scent and staple jewelry? i’ve been super into warm, vanilla-based fragrances for the fall and winter months so ‘jazz club’ by maison margiela and ‘eilish’ by billie eilish are my current go-to’s. i also would never be caught dead without my gold angel number necklace, mini hoops, and signature wine red manicure well intact. after that i just throw on the fit for the day, grab my canvas tote, and i’m ready to go!"



"as a busy, yet pretty uni student who’s always on the go, i keep my skincare routine simple yet top tier! i started my morning with la roche posay vitamin c & i use two moisturisers for the harsh winter in russia: la roche posay toleriane cremé & cicaplast baume. and of course spf, i love bioré uv aqua rich! if there’s extra time i would do a 5 min gua sha massage to reduce face puffiness in the morning. next on to makeup, the most important step is to curl my lashes. pro tip: heat it up for a perfect curl! i’m a fan of japanese brand cezanne & swear by their mascara: keep curl base. it separates & lifts my lashes so perfectly & i would coat it with sky high mascara or sometimes i’ll only wear the base because its already tinted. i also love cezanne cheek stick for my daily blusher, its vv easy to apply & give me natural, rosy glow to my face. for lips, i love essence volume lip gloss that also works as lip plumper & their lip liner. essence lip ranges are my faves always: super affordable & v amazing. i’ll top it off with dior lip oil in #01 pink. last yet most important part: fragrance! i love smelling like vanilla & cashmere in cold weather so my fave is philosophy fresh cream warm cashmere. i would layer it with their shower cream & the body shop vanilla body butter: there you go! finally i would get out of my room to the metro station while listening to busy,yet pretty podcast. xx"

WOW GIRLFRIENDS, after seeing these all together, I just wanted to note how much I love you girls! The TIGG girls are truly the best community ever and I love seeing all these it girls coming together. Also I love reading all of your suggestions, I have so many new products I need to try out now! Love you besties xxx

As for my personal GRWM Essentials, you can find them below in the Product Links!

*also quick side note: feel free to chat with each other in the comments or comment your fav products if you didn't submit something but still want to share your favs!

All these parties and all these friends mean so many gifts to buy, and it can get quite overwhelming and super expensive really quickly. So per request, I wanted to provide a simple guide on some gifts you can get for your girls to make them feel special and like a total it-girl.

black and silver sunglasses

If your friend is a Diesel, Amelia Grey, Bella Hadid, model at fashion week, girl: then this is the gift for her. She will love you forever and look cute every time she leaves the house.

y2k sunglasses

These are definitely for the star-loving, low-rise jeans, Paris Hilton, it-girl bestie of yours. I haven't seen a lot of people in these so your friend will love them because it's thoughtful and curated for her. Plus you can be wearing pajamas and once you throw these on it's a total early 2000s look.

light pink iphone case

This is for your pink Goyard tote bag girlfriend. She loves an iced latte with oat milk or a matcha and she always has the perfect long soft nude nails. She loves Replica perfumes and she is a total sweetheart.

gold chain bracelet set

Gold jewelry is always a great gift and these bracelets look good on everyone and match every outfit. Plus you can mix and match them.

star bracelet

This look might be more up your friend's alley, and it is so cute. It's giving Cartier, but a younger, more fun, and hot version.

white shoulder bag

It's giving Prada and I love it! You can go wrong gifting this because it's a cute bag and will match every outfit.

ice roller

This is a fun gift for a skincare-loving, green-juice girl. It feels so nice on your face and it gives you a snatched and smooth finish. Plus it's great for you (or her). And it's pink!

cute candle

For the fun and colorful bestie, this is such a great gift. It's so cute and adds such a fun touch to every room.

card ashtray

Is this not the cutest thing? And it can be versatile, it doesn't have to be an ashtray, it could just be a super cute piece on your table. Maybe put matches in it or something.

cherry bath mat

This is $5 over budget, but it was just too cute to not include. It's a fun and thoughtful gift, especially for your friend who lives alone or with you!

slouchy socks

I know before if you got socks for Christmas, it was the worst thing in the world, but these are just perfect! If she has Uggs you have to get these for her.

And those are my suggestions! I hope you found something your friend might like, and if you need some ideas for you, I have those articles already up!

December 25th is around the corner, which means it's time to start shopping! But before you get those lists in, I wanted to add a few more items under the tree.

cos wool-blend coat

It's giving Olsen twins and I love it. Super chic and timelss and perfect for the winter. If you weren't able to steal a coat like this from your grandma, now you can find one here.

glossier you solid

Smell good all the time. This is the best item to find in your stocking and then keep in your purse for whenever you need a little touch up to keep you smelling good all day long.

marge sherwood leather bag

This is my favorite going out bag. It's edgy and cool but sleek and chic at the same time. Plus this shape elevates any basic look and it compliments your little black dress. And it's big enough to throw everything in it.

nars blush

The perfect shade for all year round. And it's a liquid blush so you will stay dewy and glazed.

how to glow 4 color led light therapy mask

Get great skin and be a total icon while doing so. Plus, it makes a great picture for your Instagram story to show everyone you are the it-girl 24/7.

eberjey pajama set

A cute and soft pajama set, the best combination. You will feel like your best self going to bed and waking up. You will feel so put together even if you just lay on your couch all day and watch Christmas movies (sounds like a great day to me). Oh, and feel free to throw in TIGG's fav hot chocolate recipe!

joah brown oversized jogger

Who doesn't need more sweatpants? These are super comfy and I love the shade they come in. Plus, if you are sick of the TNA joggers but still want sweats, these are perfect for you.

simon miller mini sasi bag

This is one of my current fav bags. The shape is perfcet, the color is perfect, and the size is perfect. It looks great with so many outfits and just by itself too.

tom ford candle

An iconic candle for an iconic girl. It's also a great gift to get someone else, or get two so it's a win win. Lighting this in your living room when guests come over is just such an it girl move. Or keep it in your bedroom to remind yourself how fabulous you are.

venezia small tray

This is such a cute addition to any room and it's super versatile, I mean it's literally just a tray. It adds a hint of color without overpowering the room. Personally, I'd either use it for jewlery or keys, but you could get creative and use it to hold you skincare or as a tray for your couch.

Make sure to read the first article on Christmas Wishlist Ideas if you haven't already to create the perfect list!