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December 25th is around the corner, which means it's time to start shopping! But before you get those lists in, I wanted to add a few more items under the tree.

cos wool-blend coat

It's giving Olsen twins and I love it. Super chic and timelss and oerfect for the winter. If you weren't able to steal a coat like this from your grandma, now you can find one here.

glossier you solid

Smell good all the time. This is the best item to find in your stocking and then keep in your purse for whenever you need a little touch up to keep you smelling good all day long.

marge sherwood leather bag

This is my favorite going out bag. It's edgy and cool but sleek and chic at the same time. Plus this shape elevates any basic look and it compliments your little black dress. And it's big enough to throw everything in it.

nars blush

The perfect shade for all year round. And it's a liquid blush so you will stay dewy and glazed.

how to glow 4 color led light therapy mask

Get great skin and be a total icon while doing so. Plus, it makes a great picture for your Instagram story to show everyone you are the it-girl 24/7.

eberjey pajama set

A cute and soft pajama set, the best combination. You will feel like your best self going to bed and waking up. You will feel so put together even if you just lay on your couch all day and watch Christmas movies (sounds like a great day to me). Oh, and feel free to throw in TIGG's fav hot chocolate recipe!

joah brown oversized jogger

Who doesn't need more sweatpants? These are super comfy and I love the shade they come in. Plus, if you are sick of the TNA joggers but still want sweats, these are perfect for you.

simon miller mini sasi bag

This is one of my current fav bags. The shape is perfcet, the color is perfect, and the size is perfect. It looks great with so many outfits and just by itself too.

tom ford candle

An iconic candle for an iconic candle. It's also a great gift to get someone else, or get two so it's a win win. Lighting this in your living room when guests come over is just such an it girl move. Or keep it in your bedroom to remind yourself how fabulous you are.

venezia small tray

This is such a cute addition to any room and it's super versatile, I mean it's literally just a tray. It adds a hint of color without overpowering the room. Personally, I'd either use it for jewlery or keys, but you could get creative and use it to hold you skincare or as a tray for your couch.

Make sure to read the first article on Christmas Wishlist Ideas if you haven't already to create the perfect list!

One might assume that Frankies Bikinis is strictly a summer brand, but they proved you all wrong. No need to ditch them until bikini season because they offer the cutest fall/winter clothes, but I'm especially in love with their latest drop.

I was (and am) a huge fan of their knits, which are great for this season, but I'm also obsessed with their new holiday collection, "been an angel all year." It's totally giving Apres-Ski Chic x Malibu Barbie, which is one of my favorite styles as a California girl.

They offer a wide variety of styles, all the way from dresses and low-rise knit pants to waffle shorts and bikini tops. Talk about the total package.

I love when brands can expand their brands and offer variety while still keeping their personal image, and Frankies did just that.

Here are my favorite and must have items from the collection (that you could add to your Christmas list or just spoil yourself with for this winter season) and how I would style them.

Angle Waffle Mini Short

"This fitted-but-relaxed short is made in our coziest waffle fabric to keep you comfy all winter. Angel is designed with a below-the-booty cut, buttons on the front, and ribbed details for added flair."

These little winter shorts are so cute and you could even get the matching top for the perfect snowflake set. I would wear these shorts with an oversized white sweater, some scrunched white crew socks, and the Ugg Classic Mini Platform. Pair it with lots of chunky gold jewelry and you have the cutest winter look.

Sugar Waffle Bralet Top

"Sugar is a thermal top with waffle fabric and a bralette-style silhouette. Sugar features our newest snowflake 'Apres Ski' print, ribbed accents, buttons on the front, and adjustable shoulder straps for added comfort."

This is the top I was mentioning earlier. It would be super cute with the matching shorts and styled together the way I described above, or you could pair them with your comfiest white pants (either some soft pajamas, Skims cozy pants, or Aritzia sweats) for an at home look.

Lumi Waffle Mini Dress

"A long sleeve mini dress with a dainty bow detail and our coziest waffle fabric, meet Lumi. Lumi is designed in our snowflake 'Apres Ski' print, and also features exaggerated cuffs."

I love this dress, I think its so cute and casual, perfect for grabbing a coffee, going to the mall, or hanging out with friends. I would style it with some high white socks, Adidas Sambas, and some big vintage Dior sunnies (similar to the one's Frankie is wearing). A simple shoulder bag would also be really cute with this look.

Fleur Knit Low Rise Pant

"The Fleur pant in Snow White is sweet from every angle, with a low rise fit, a ribbed rollover waist, and a buckle accent. Fleur also features our coziest knit fabric, and flared legs."

The softest more cozy pants ever, you will never want to take them off. Plus the detailing totally elevates the look so you could dress them up or down. Personally, I'd style these pants both ways so I'll share the two options on how you could wear these out. For a casual day look or even an airport outfit, I'd pair these pants with a black tank top from TankAir Studios, some sneakers, and some small black sunglasses. For my second look, I'd honestly wear these to Nobu in Malibu. I'd style them with a white cashmere sweater, some penny loafers and gold hoop earrings. Maybe even a red lip if I was feeling fancy.

Make sure to go check out the rest of the collection on frankiesbikinis.com to shop it all and check out the TIGG lookbooks for more outfit inspiration.

It's my favorite time of the year, so it's time to start writing up those lists for Santa! And honestly, making these lists are half the fun; you basically get to online shop all day.

I've been loving all the requests I'm getting to make some Christmas wishlist ideas, so I'll definitely be making multiple articles. Some might focus on higher-end items, and some might be totally affordable.

I love when a list features items from multiple categories, like it has clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup, toiletries, decor, etc.: so I'll do my best to give a wide variety.

The more items that come to mind, the more parts there will be, but also, make sure to check out "Sky's Latest Favs" on TIGG to see my current must-haves and obsessions. But let's get into the wishlist now.


This is definitely one of the it-girl shoes for fall and winter, but I believe it still makes a great Chrsitmas present because I love wearing my mini Uggs in the spring with a cute little light pink mini dress. They have that non matching matching vibe, you know? Plus it is still winter even after Christmas so if you decide not to style them in the spring you will still get your wear.


Depending on what side of Pinterest you're on, you've probably seen this hoodie. Luckily for you, I found where to purchase it so you can now add it to your wishlist. I love it because it has a combo of a vintage yet flashy look. Plus this color goes with a lot and who doesn't want another hoodie?


A classic. If these aren't already in your closet, now is your chance. Everyone loves these sweatpants and they are especially cute when paired with mini Uggs and gold hoops. With those three items, you create a great staple outfit base and then you can mix and match the shirt to change the aesthetic.


A great staple black bag. I love how it isn't a sleek leather shoulder bag because sometimes those get boring, I personally love when my bags have a bit of metal detailing, like this one above. Its a simple staple piece that will go with anything but it still offers something on its own.


These shorts look so cute on and they are so comfy you'll forget your even wearing them. Honestly you could wear them out and give a pajama serve like Bella Hadid or you can wake up in them and start your morning feeling like an it girl already.


One of the quintessential it girl bracelets. And you can never go wrong with some chunky gold jewelry. I love these beads paired with a little dainty gold bracelet that has a charm on it. Plus, this bracelet with look good when worn with a white baby tee and sweatpants or with a With Jean top and jeans, the opportunities are endless.


This should be on everyone's list if it's not already in your shower. Everyone always talks about how Olaplex saved their hair so now it's your turn to test it out for yourself. Plus it's another it girl staple.


I love throwing this product in my purse when I'm going out because it smells so good and it's great for a touch up. Plus if I saw you pulling this out on the street I would immediately know we have to be friends. You could also just keep it at home and pair it with the Bum Bum cream for the total package.


The cutest sweater ever that needs to be under the tree.


Duh! The perfect tote to let everyone know you are the it girl. Take it to the farmers market or the beach, or just for an insta pic. And make sure to tag me so I can see you it girls out in the real world!


If you've ever wondered how to make your cheekbones look like they've been sculpted by Bella Hadid herself, this is the answer. This product is more of an investment which is why it is a Christmas gift, but it is definitely one you won't regret.


Who doesn't love designer jewelry on Christmas? This ring is super cute if you are a silver girl or if you don't mind mix and matching. It's simple yet still young and fun.


If there's one thing miss Danielle can do, it's make a skirt. Or anything in that matter because I would purchase everything from her if I could. But this skirt is just so cute and so perfect, and would even be great to wear on New Years.


Who doesn't need a new blazer? As Cady Heron once said, "the limit does not exist." This one is the cutest color and with spring coming up after Christmas, this blazer is perfect. I would love to see it paired with a pastel mini slip dress for the perfect it girl outfit.


The most delicious candles ever. Plus they are super cute. So it's a win win.


It's giving F1 girlfriend and I'm here for it. It's also giving Bella hadid and I'm here for that too. Honestly, it's just giving total it girl.


Can you tell spring is my favorite season? But whether or not it's yours, this bag is still super cute. I can imagine it with so many outfits so you will definitely get your money's worth.

And on that note, that's the end of my first article of Christmas list suggestions. Stay tuned for lots more to come with lots of ideas for you! And don't forget the comments and my dms are always open and ready for article suggestions!

I recently decided to try Set Active after strictly owning only Alo Yoga. I've seen both brands on social media and on the streets, so I knew I needed to support both. I wanted not only to decide if I liked Set Active but also to compare it to Alo because I often found myself wondering which it-girl brand was better. But that comparison will be in a separate article.

I ordered four different sets to get a good range of their styles, but I also ordered stuff that I knew I would wear.

Of course, I will tell you exactly what I ordered in case you see a photo of me in the sets and you like the cuts or styles. Because I, for one, know how annoying it is to find the exact style someone is wearing, and it is always impossible to get the exact shape when there are so many styles.

The most "basic" set I ordered was the Sculptflex® Box Cut Bra and Leggings in Onyx. If you have never ordered from Set Active and want a great staple, universal set, I suggest ordering this one. It is super flattering and it is super comfy. I was more of a stretchy fabric texture, not your typical lululemon legging, and I thought that was a fun change. It also seems to have some ribbing on the side which I'm not usually a fan of, but it worked well here. The box-cut bra was super flattering, and usually, I don't love that shape on me, but I absolutely loved this one. Everything was supported and comfy, and it made you look great. The fabric on these items makes them great for working out but even better for an off-duty running errands look.

The next leggings set I ordered was the Luxform® Scoopy Y Bra and Leggings in Coco. This set definitely had more of your typical workout fabric- that smooth and stretchy look. But these were crazy comfy. The leggings felt like butter, almost as if I was naked because the fabric was that soft. I attended a workout at the Ritz in this set, and the whole time, nothing moved or stretched, and I never had to adjust what I was wearing.

Another note about these leggings is that they look like they fit, whether you are short or tall. When I first opened the package, I noticed how short the pants were, and I thought I would have to be returning these, but when I put them on, they immediately stretched to be high-waisted and fell to my ankles. I'm 5'11, so finding leggings that do this naturally isn't always the easiest. But I'm assuming if you don't need them to stretch that much, they won't.

So, in summary, I would suggest the first set to start you off, and if you are looking for an everyday look that you can wear working out, around the house, or around town. But I would go for the second style if you want a set that you would mostly work out in but still want it to be super cute.

The third look I got was the Luxform® Racer V Bra and the Bike Shorts in Crema. These pieces were super flattering and super comfy. They are the Luxform® which means they have more of that buttery workout fabric, but I love that in my bike shorts. These pieces are great for working out or for an off-duty look. And this cream color wasn't see-through at all. I actually sized down in these shorts (I got a small in everything else and an extra small in these) just to see what would happen, and I thought they fit really nicely. I didn't notice a vast difference between the sizes, and I thought I could easily order either in the future, and both would feel nice.

The last look I got was the Sculptflex® Ribbed V Bra and Bike Shorts in Amethyst. I initially ordered these with spring in mind, and I am so glad I did because this is the perfect spring workout set. I love this shade of pink, and this set is also cute and comfy. However, in the future, I think I would reach for the Luxform style when it comes to bike shorts, just because I like that look more. But if I wanted a color that would only come in Sculptflex, I would have no problem ordering those because it is still a grand style. I also typically like my sports bras a little shorter than this one, but when I tried it on, it was super flattering and a lot shorter than I thought, so it worked out perfectly. It definitely doesn't have that tank top look which is great because I hate that look.

Overall, I really liked Set Active and would 100% order from them again. I love the little logo on all the tops, and these sets look super cute with some Uggs. I also thought the crewneck from here was really cute, and I definitely have my eye on them.

With Halloween literally right around the corner, it's time to choose a costume. But it isn't an easy decision determining what to be, because a lot of factors come into play. And it also demends on where you're going. But no matter what, you obviously have to be the it girl at the Halloween party. So to take so stress away, I've put together the cutest Halloween looks for you. Honestly, I love them all that I just want to wear them all, I need a Halloween week this year. And it is all from Amazon so it is all affordable and all from one place. Oh, and don't forget to tag @theitgirlguideofficial in your Instagram post so I can see it!!!


Starting of strong, I love this look. It's so cute and so flattering and simple yet very put together. Plus, you can either get the whole look right here or find similar pieces that you already own in your closet.


Another one of my favs. So cute and the blood def gives it that Halloween feel, which I am all for. I love when the look is a balance of scary and cute.Like not too Cady but not too Regina.



A classic look. Plus a great moment to get dress up with your bestie, one of you will be the white swan and the other one will be the black swan.



Another great bestie moment, or a solo moment. I love this look because it is a total it-girl move and super original. You will def be setting the trends.


The other half from above. Or you could just steal this look and call it a sexy farmer. Splash some fake blood on and boom, sexy, scary, and total it-girl.


I don't even have words on how much I love this look. Like, you would win Halloween 100%.



A classic. Here is what you need.



I love this fairy look for multiple reasons. First, it is super cute, like the perfect fairy look in my humble opinon. Second, I love that it is monochromatic. Third, the wings are the perfect size so they are super cute and add to the outfit, but they aren't so big that everyone would be hitting them.


Such a flattering look, you can't go wrong. Also a great last minute look because you could use a black dress you already own!


And there you have it. Now I can confidently say that the TIGG girls will rule this Halloween.

I am a proud Acne Studios supporter. I love their work and I really loved their latest fashion show for Spring/Summer 2023. So of course, being in NYC I knew I had to drop by and check out what’s in store, because I only in person shop if it’s the streets of SOHO.

Anyways, I dropped by the store located on THIS STREET and immediately started running around like a child in a candy shop. Because let’s be real, throw me in a designer store and I’ll put that little candy kid to shame.

For those who don’t really know Acne or they are just familiar with the name or maybe they really like Acne but don’t know what they should buy from there, let me give you the run down.

Yes, they offer great skirts and tops and pants and all that jazz but all you need from Acne Studios are the coats and scarfs. 

Those are always their best and my favorite pieces, and they never disappoint. 

I mean yes, after their latest pink and frilly show they might offer some killer spring pieces that I haven’t dug into yet, but right now all I ever want from Acne is the jackets and the scarves.

I am a big coat girl (which is sad saying that I live in California and need a coat about once maybe twice a year) but I have high expectations for coats and I could look at them all day.

That being sad, if you were to ask me, “Sky who sells your favorite coats?” I would totally respond with Acne Studios.

Being an avid online shopper I wanted to go in person to really get a feel of the coats. I wanted to see the texture, the weight, the stitching, the buttons. I just really wanted to inspect the coats and get a great feeling for them, that way I can confirm my opinion that they make the best ones.

And now you never have to check in store because I am telling you, they do. It’s all really quality pieces and great designs. I love the leather with the silver zippers or the thick fur pieces or even the tweed (and I am not a tweed girl).

However, there is a downside to my love for coats and my love for Acne Studios. And it’s the fact that it’s a crazy expensive addiction.

I am all for investing in quality pieces and just buying one really great piece rather than ten ok ones. However, I want a leather jacket and a nice thin cardigan and a trench coat and a fur coat and a different coat for all the different occasions. Because yes you can have just one versatile coat but I think having around 5, more or less, is a great option.

But when you want a great coat from a great place (in this case its Acne) it comes with a really fat price tag.

And the truth is, we can’t also invest in that price tag. It is not always reasonable or functional and sometimes it just isn’t the best idea. Me for example, I wanted to pick up this killer leather motorcycle jacket from here, but I knew soon I be flying back to beaches and 90 degree weather, so I had to hold back my tears and say no to the coat. 

And it’s situations like this where sometimes we need to reach for the more affordable piece. I mean I shouldn’t read for any piece at all, but maybe you really do need two coats but they can’t both be $5,000.

It’s moments like this where having stores like Aritzia and Reformation come in handy.

Or even Coach to be honest. I know I am going a little off track here, but Coach also offers really amazing and killer gorgeous coats, for a much more affordable price. I mean, it isn’t like totally always affordable but it is cheaper than Acne.

I was also just shopping in Coach and they had this gorgeous beige fur trimmed coat that was perfect for fall and winter, but what really caught eye was this thick and heavy black fur trimmed leather jacket that zipped up and was so gorgeous and warm and not overly priced. In fact, if I was living in NYC or somewhere where the weather actually gets cold, I think I would have bought it.

Moral of the story is you aren’t alone. We both adore these it girl coats, but it is also super understandable if they aren’t always in the budget and you can still look like an it girl and not drop 10k on a coat. 

One of you just asked me how to budget for college and you can tell that I don’t have the best advice when it comes to that because I am an enabler when it comes to dropping cash on designer, but I still do my best to keep it real and keep it realistic and show us that there are a lot of it girl clothes and brands out there that you can still shop from and not be totally broke (Acne Studios is not one of them).

I recently found myself shopping at Ugg, and I noticed the oh-so-trendy platform short Ugg that was seen on Bella Hadid all over the store. 

I originally went in for a different slipper, a more timeless one, in my opinion, but I stopped to question myself. 

Being the Bella Hadid fan that I am, I wondered if I should purchase her shoes, and you have probably had that thought too I mean, they are pretty much sold out ever, so at least some of us have had that thought. 

Anyways back to the point. 

I was about to reach for the shoe when I stopped and remembered what I had come for. But then I asked myself which one I liked more, and I came to a realization. 

…do I really like that shoe, or do I like Bella Hadid?

I love Bella Hadid, and honestly, if it wasn’t for her, I probably wouldn’t have looked twice at the shoe in the window. I mean, let’s be real, if we look at the shoe completely ignoring all the models that have been seen wearing it, it looks like a hove. 

And I mean that in the best way possible. 

I think it’s a cute shoe and if I could buy everything and anything, I probably would’ve bought it by now. 

But most of us can’t buy anything and everything, and we have to limit ourselves to one pair of Uggs per shopping trip. 

So here’s the deal with this shoe. It looks great with some outfits and when you are serving it, girl. But I think this shoe is going to come and go really fast, which means you’ll be left with this platform slipper that is soooo last season. And nobody wants to wear a shoe out that is last season. 

But Uggs are so cute and there are so many cute styles that are constantly serving it girl, and they don’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon. Plus, they are classic and chic, so they go with anything and elevate the outfit to give a fall/winter casualness. 

I would suggest to you either the Tazz or the short boot. I think these look a lot classier and more timeless, so you will get much more bang for your buck and not have to worry about being behind the trends so soon because these shoes don’t have a timeline. 

So I know I said the platforms are the it girl shoe of Fall 2022, and I still stand by that. They are. But come winter, and everyone will already be over these shoes and going back to one of the styles I mentioned before. Then cut to spring, and we will probably all be questioning why we even liked these in the first place. 

But if you really love the shoe, then totally go for it and rock the streets. But if you are on the edge, I’d suggest not getting them and instead investing in a different style that you will be happy with for much longer. 

I just got a DM from one of you TIGG girls asking what she should wear to a wedding, and I was so excited to help because I love weddings and I love getting dressed up for weddings because I have curated my favorite dresses that I want to wear. And originally, I was just going to help this bestie. Still, I figured there are probably some more girls out there who have no idea what to wear to weddings, so I turned this question into an article so anyone can come back to it for inspo.

... plus I can get into more detail here than in a DM.

It's a great list of some dresses to wear to your next wedding, or maybe you might just want a dress for an event or even a brunch (who knows, you do you).

I will also split this article into four sections, determined by the seasons. Because I love a floral dress for a spring wedding, but I love a darker shade dress for a winter wedding.

This is a requested article for a fall wedding, so I will start there.

Side note: 99% of these dresses are from Reformation, and I got you TIGG girls a link for free worldwide shipping on all orders !!! <3

And in case you want to check out more, you can find The Reformation Summer Wedding Collection there.

what to wear to a wedding in the fall

Fall weddings are the perfect time to break out burgundy and long-sleeve dresses. I love a dark slip dress or a chic long sleeve knit dress that looks super classy. But it isn't always cold enough for a dress like that (especially if you live in this California heat wave right now). So this is also a time where you can still play with the more autumn colors but still keep it breezy and maybe even short. I also love a fall wedding because you can play with the shoe options and maybe reach for a classy boot or closed-toe shoe.

what to wear to a wedding in the winter

Winter weddings are perfect because you can play with dark and light colors. I love wearing dark green or red, but I also love wearing light blue. Choosing whether you should wear a dark or light-colored dress this season depends on the theme of the wedding. If you aren't sure what the vibe will be, try matching it to the invitation. Usually, you will get a good feel of the colors and formality. And similar to a fall wedding, you can still wear closed-toe shoes. (side note: the last dress is great for winter because you can pair it with a jacket so when you are outside, you can stay warm and take it off inside).

what to wear to a wedding in the spring

When it comes to weddings, spring ones are my favorite to get dressed for. I love the flowers and the pastels that come with a spring wedding. The dresses you get for this wedding are also great for a fancy easter party or if you want to be the best dressed at a family brunch. Ok, wait, I'm getting off-topic. But when I think of a spring wedding, I picture bows and feminine dresses with flowers and flowy-ness. For this time of year, I would wear a more neutral and dainty heel, something super strappy or minimal.

what to wear to a wedding in the summer

The trick to picking out a dress for a summer wedding is to make sure the fabric is breathable, and you won't be sweating the entire time because who wants that? This is also when you can play with brighter colors such as pink. You can also opt for a shorter dress but still keep it classy. And if it's an early September wedding, you might even be able to touch into the fall colors or fall dresses. My favorite thing with summer weddings is that you can opt for bold shoes. Picture Nicola Peltz at the Met; I want pinks and platforms.

honorable mentions

These next few suggestions are for my girls who want to up their game a little bit. They aren't as simple as my other suggestions, so it's perfect if you want to stand out and have a dress like no other.

wedding guest dresses under $100

And for my girls on a budget, I wanted to throw in three super affordable dresses. These are also pretty versatile, so it is a one-and-done thing. However, the dresses above are more sustainable and made with recycled fabric, which I love because it encourages slow fashion and sustainable pieces. Plus, you can mix and match them for future events. But on that note, I do love a chic dress that looks expensive but isn't, so of course, I had to include them.

With a new season comes a new wardrobe. But what should you include in that wardrobe? If you haven't been accumulating staples over the year (which I know I haven't), you might now be looking to create that perfect fall wardrobe.

But where do you start?

What are the first pieces you need?

Should I be buying turtlenecks or linen pants?

Who knows!?!

Oh, wait... I know! And I'm here to help.

I've gathered five pieces (all from Reformation) to help you create your fall wardrobe, and it's super convenient that they are all from the same store so that you will get one package and free shipping.

My favorite thing about these pieces is that they are timeless so they can be used for a long time, and you can build off them every year. I also love that these pieces make the perfect outfit when worn together or the perfect outfit when paired with something else. So you are getting your money's worth.

a vintage white tee

For this fall, I'm ditching the baby tee, and I have a great reason for it. I want a vintage white tee that you can layer underneath your sweater so it will still peak out from the top and maybe the bottom. This way, it's giving Jane Birkin and 90s it-girl. It says I'm effortlessly chic and look like a hot model without even showing skin. I'm going for the "I just threw this sweater on, and I look like a fashion icon without even trying."

This shirt is perfect for everything I just described, and on top of that, it is the comfiest shirt ever. It is so breathable and has such a relaxed fit. The best part is that it will look perfect with the following few products I share.

a loose and effortless brown sweater

Is this not the most perfect fall sweater? It's so simple and chic, which means it will go with everything and never go out of style. I also love this shade of brown, it's perfect for autumn, and I think this color will look amazing with blue jeans and black boots (see below). But on top of that, it's the perfect sweater to wear on top of your new vintage white tee because it shows just the right amount of that shirt underneath. Add some gold hoops and rings, and you have the perfect fall look.

I also love how versatile this sweater is. Got a dinner party? Throw it on a black slip midi skirt. Coffee run? It will look great with a comfy pair of pants from Skims and your black loafers. Taking some pics? Pair it with either a black mini skirt or an Isabel Marant Étoile skirt and knee-high boots.

high rise straight leg jeans

I know I said that I'm a low-rise girl, and I am, but I think these jeans are just perfect. Not only are they great jeans in general, but they are the perfect pair for the look I have described in this article. Tuck your vintage tee into them, throw on your brown cashmere sweater, pointy black boots, and BOOM. You are the ultimate fall it-girl. You better take a killer candid insta pic in this look, and you better tag @theitgirlguideofficial (I would LOVE to see your look).

black leather boots

An essential fall shoe. And something about these shoes is just so chic. They look classy and expensive; you will walk around telling everyone you know what you are talking about. I also love them because your new jeans will fall over the ankle perfectly and not look bulky. It will create the perfect illusion because your shoes look like they would be knee-high, but the jeans have no lines in them, so it just looks like you have the perfect pants and boots. But you could pair the jeans with loafers or the other it-girl Uggs. I love when a look works perfectly together and perfectly on its own.

sweater set

I've recently seen sweater sets hit the model-off-duty clan hard. Gigi Hadid and Elsa Hosk were seen wearing them, and we do when they do. They look classy and chic and take no effort because they are a matching set, so it's like a one-piece but really it's a two-piece. My favorite part about this set is the endless shoe options, which means you can dress this look up or down. It would look great with Uggs or with loafers or with the boots I mentioned above.

It might feel early to already claim that we have a Fall 2022 it-girl shoe, but I like to claim that we do, or at least according to supermodels Elsa Hosk and Bella Hadid, we do. And who is to argue with the style icons?

Bella Hadid and Elsa Hosk invited model-off-duty, so when they say to do, we do.

And recently, both models have been seen strutting the identical shoe, which tells that, of course, this shoe will become the new it girl shoe.


We all know Bella started the Sambas trend, so who's to say she won't start this one either?

Both it-girls wore the Ugg Classic Ultra Mini Platform slipper, and let me tell you, those shoes are definitely on my wishlist right now.


Every time the weather gets colder, Ugg makes its annual comeback, but with a different style each time, so it's no surprise that these shoes are already seen out and about.

Last year Elsa wore the Tazz, and this year she is wearing the Classic Ultra Mini Platform, which means she has declared that style as the style this season.

This year, the only shoes you need will be black leather loafers, knee-high boots, Birkenstocks, and these Uggs.

And after this, you will definitely be ahead of the trend.

Update: even Adut Akech was spotted in these shoes!

Hunter Adams